January 18th, 2006


How much privacy do you expect?

There's a common wisdom now that "you have no privacy". That's a common quote: "get over it". But there's a Dickensian quality to this technology: we have the best of wires, we have the worst of wires; it has the potential to uplift and ennoble, and it has the potential to degrade and debase.
    - Representative Edward Markey (D - MA), on CNBC, discussing legislation against cell phone "pretext calls"1


Edit, 22:30 CST - BTW, guess who's coming to dinner?

1 "Pretext calls" are an impersonation-based cell phone number harvesting technique where someone calls your cell phone service provider, tells your provider they are you, asks for your number and gets it, then sells it to paying customers as part of a "cell phone directory" for direct marketers. You would think this is illegal, and many congresspeople claim that selling your data is; but harvesting it apparently isn't, even if they do it by impersonating you.