February 22nd, 2006


Twin Blades of Destruction

Nothing like a good night's sleep forced by involuntary keeling over to make you feel like a new TEUNC.

Boy, that was some ladies' short program in the Winter Olympics last night. Talk about oneuppersonship!
(All you fellow Michelle Kwan fans: are you watching anyway and cheering for Team USA as we are, throwing stuff at your screen, or ignoring the games entirely this time?)

Apropos of the title (I'll bet you thought I was talking about skates) - I granted an interview on computer graphics today to an undergrad from another department, who incidentally claims to have designed a very powerful sword. Now, my skepticism tends to kick in when I hear phrases such as "put every weapon on the market to shame" and "twin arcs of death", long before "cut through concrete like butter", "slice into tanks", and "folded 1000 times" come into play. But seriously, he made me curious about something: other than mere cost (and this includes a forge of sufficient heat), is there any constraint or desired quality that keeps swordsmiths from making blades out of pure titanium? For instance, is there any advantage in tensile strength, malleability, etc. to using a titanium-steel alloy?

In other news: I've hired weninger officially now, for a couple of projects. (Welcome aboard, dude!) Now it remains to fill the ITR position in information visualization and one other position. Any good undergrad programmers at K-State reading this are encouraged to apply!