March 16th, 2006


Vampire Penthouse Gateway to Kobol: that dream within a dream

I had a fascinating dream the other night where I spent a weekend wandering a semi-futuristic city by night that looked a lot like Kansas City. Well, Kansas City, Vampire: The Masquerade-style.

At the end of the weekend, I arrived at a skyscraper in the early morning. I went up to a top-floor penthouse that I somehow knew belonged to God. St. Peter was a casino dealer that looked like the Customer in Spirited Away, another keeper of the "gate" was that mustached guy from Alien from L.A., and where the pit computer console/cash register normally is, was a DRADIS display.

So, St. Peter No-Face (who wasn't really no-faced, just wearing a layer of eerie pale mask-like material) said he didn't know anyone by my name, but I gave him some identifying history. He reflected a moment and remembered aloud that he could roll back time three days, to before I used a certain... bazooka.

Oddly enough, the time-rollback readout looked just like the Urban Rescue Simulator. Go figure.

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