March 29th, 2006


Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, aka Ring of the Nibelungs

So, did anyone catch the premiere of Dark Kingdom on the SciFi Channel? It is also known as Ring of the Nibelungs, based loosely on the Volsunga saga of Sigurd Sigmundson (Siegfried) and the Nibelungenlied, which were also Wagner's inspiration for Der Ring des Nibelungen.

I liked it almost as much as the Hallmark Entertainment versions of The Odyssey (which I rated 9 out of 10) and more than Merlin (which seemed too compressed in time, like the Cliff's Notes of Arthurian Legend or Troy, and which I gave 8 out of 10). "Sigurd the Barbarian" takes a little getting used to, though.

Worst line: "Fafnir, come out, you worm!" (Benno Fürmann's accent sounds like a cross between those of Christopher Lambert's Connor MacLeod and that guy from the new VW commercials.)
Best line: "We will fight a duel with double-bladed axes. If you win, I will wed you. If I win, it will cost you your life." (Kristanna Loken of Terminator 3 makes a pretty good Brynhild, IMO.)