September 4th, 2006


In memoriam: Steve Irwin, 1962 - 2006

What is there left to say that hasn't been said better, what homages to give that haven't been given more grandly? Not much, I'll wager, but I'll venture a humble remark.

Steve Irwin was the kind of person whose energy infected others. In that, he was eminently emulable. He was irrepressible, vivacious, exuberant to a fault, unafraid of looking silly for a good - make that a great - cause. These, too, were qualities that to me were worthy of aspiration.

Fare thee well, Mr. Irwin, and thank you. I didn't watch your shows and antics as much as I could have, but I never doubted that your intentions were good and worth while. Would that every person could have a chance to leave this earth doing something as worthy.

Here's a little remembrance from #teunc chat, 26 Jun 2003. "Balrog Hunter Midde-earth" was a parody that grew out of a series of quick riffs.