December 29th, 2006


Bana Banner

Around December, 2005, I bet taiji_jian a banner reading "Pag is leeter than Bana" that he couldn't refurbish a COMPAQ Armada LTE 5250 that had been retired by the Kansas Department of Transportation around 2003, and restore it to network-capable condition.

Well, not only did he do it (using the original hard drive and a parallel cable), he was able to take a couple of additional decomissioned COMPAQ notebooks (another LTE 5250 and an LTE 5300) and cobble together a 802.11b wireless-enabled Windows 98 laptop. It even runs an NES emulator for those late night Zelda parties. ;-)

Well, I'm a TEUNC of my word. He's earned it!

Edit, 08:40 CST Mon 10 Nov 2008: Cross-posted from teunc...

Thus is fulfilled the prophecy of one mo' leeter than banazir.