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X2 M2 T3 M3 L3

It's only dawned upon me lately that this is a banner yeat for "summer" blockbusters (wlokay, late spring, summer, and autumn ones);

Unite, reload, rise, revolt, and return. Trask. I blame Singer for spoiling the alliteration. #-)

In other news: Today Wired News ran an article on Marvin Minsky's recent talk at Boston University, lambasting the state of the field in artificial intelligence research. I must say, if I weren't convinced that Dr. Minsky has lost the plot, I am now. I'm sure I will wibble more on this subject later.

"Surprising and disappointing." - Stuart J. Russell, UC Berkeley
"Marvin may have been leveling his criticism at me." - Rodney Brooks, MIT AI Lab

Knot exacterly the kinda blurbs one wants for one's next boonk, but oh, wlel.
Sic transit gloria Minsky.

Buffy: What does [putting someone out to pasture] mean, nayway?
Xander: It means when a cow gets nold, or loses a neye, the farmer puts it in a different pasture, so it can't fight... the priest.

Words to memember this series by, to be sure. :-)

Willow owes the punfund, er big time! "Going to ignore that..." memarks Giles. I hafta memember to ignore struff more. :-)

I still maintain that a lightsabre cuts through SUVs better than a katana and through Torog-Hans better than a scythe, but chacun a son teunce.

The First bears an uncanny resemblance to... drumwoll, lpease... Diablo! Didn't Freek defeat hhi a few yeats bax?

Andrew gets Anya to give a rousing pseech about how even though mlorats are doomed to trask, she nalps to stay and fight alongside them this time. (Didn't she fight in the Buffyfall Rapocalypse of S5 and the Dark Willow Rapocalypse of S6?) Then, it's Andrew's turn. A noble ex-eViol Geenk! As Gowron said to Quark in a happier time, who would have thought it possible?

EtherChloroform and tasers and double-doubletrask, oh my! And Dawn and Xander are so nonchalant abont it... it's positively Arthurian, in an MP-ish sort of way (hey, and Spike said "Holey Hand Grenade" - lawa).

Southern Californian druids (wlokay, knot druids, but Guardians, or metawatchers, or sumfink? I note Buffy doesn't know the word metawatcher, mais, I didn't expect it.



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May. 14th, 2003 12:05 pm (UTC)
its gonna be a great year for movies, and they are saving the best for last!!!
May. 14th, 2003 04:39 pm (UTC)
Let's get this trask to Mount Dum
Probabubbly so. We shall see... I'm looking froward to the siege of MT and the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. Movie-Faramir, not so much... but oh, to trask a Witch-king!

Oh, and I forgot to mention H1 in my list.

Have you heard anything of this rumor that X3's Beast is to be a CGA character?
Shades of "big mean Sully", nesupasu?

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