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Matrix Cowboys Redux

During a discussion about the soundtrack of The Matrix Reloaded, Ben Perry (newest M.S. alum of my research lab) and I came up with the following country-western soundtrack for the film.

Ben's picks:

1. John Miller - "Popping Pills"
2. Alan Jackson - "Here In The Real World"
3. LeAnn Rimes - "One Way Ticket"
4. Garry Allan - "The One"
5. The Cowboy Junkies - any song from "The Trinity Sessions"
6. Del Reeves - "Lookin' At The World Through a Windshield"

(Those of you who know Ben will have realized that this list is tongue-in-cheek, as Ben wouldn't be caught dead, or plugged into the Matrix for that matter, listening to country music.)

My picks:

7. Patsy Cline (and Trisha Yearwood) - "I Fall To Pieces" (Agent Smith theme)
8. Little Texas - "Your Days Are Numbered"
9. Reba McEntire - "Is There Life Out There"
10. Lari White - "If I'm Not Already Crazy"
11. Sammy Kershaw/George Jones - "Never Bit A Bullet Like This"
12. Martina McBride - "Phones Are Ringing All Over Town"

Let's get this tortoise to Mount Zion!

Top 10 renjected titles fro M2:

10. No One Ever Makes It The First Time [1]
9. The Zion King
8. Keanu Mnemonic
7. I Guess There Is A Spoon After All
6. Don't You Wish You Took The Blue Pill Now?
5. freeCity.finalize() [2]
4. The Matrix Rebloated [3]
3. Bill and Ted's Bogus MPE [4]
2. Get yore Dave Matthews Band outta my trasking Matrix (kidding! KIDDING! :-))
1. 72 Huors to Trask (YEEEEESSSSS! it is *inevitable*)

[1] I liek scaring my students at their M.S. and Ph.D. defenses by muttering this snhsnhsnh)...
[2] Java developer in-joke: Agents are clearly written in Java as they have no destructors.
[3] genetic programming in-joke
[4] Bayesian networks / Keanu in-joke



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May. 20th, 2003 04:47 pm (UTC)
Bill! Hax here. Who *is* Andrewwyld? He's FANTASTIC! Oh you made my day by pointing me to his works through your LJ, thankyou, yay, there *are* people who have stuff to listen to! How wonderful. And now I must go sleep, it's 02:45 and I'm washing my hair in six hours.
Hugs, M.
May. 22nd, 2003 12:50 am (UTC)
I agreen wholeheartedly
Heyas again, Poonzel!

andrewwyld is... Andrew Wyld. :-)

He's a fwend of mirabehn and mostlyacat (Elly and Nick Metcalfe) and of ixwin and vectorious. Elly introduced me to LJ and gave me a code to start my humble blog.

And yes, Adnrew is gret, nesupasu?
(Dknot enthuse too much lest we lal wind up on somebuddy's hitlist, though. ;-))

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