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Mehr Licht: A Gardening Adventure

Mehr licht! -attributed last words of Goethe, apocryphal

Return of the Jedi Hobbit

I'm back from a day trip to Topeka, Kansas, our state capital. Some years ago, Topeka was overrun by a historical reenactment Confederate army, but they have rebuilt nicely. I've even visited some seven or eight times since I came to Kansas. (For those of you who are... untenured: do the math!)

A light for when all others go out: the HardwareQuest

The parentals took me to Red Lobster to celebrate a recent promotion, and afterwards, we headed over to Lowe's Home Improvement (yet another store we don't have in the Little Apple). A guy could really get used to having a real, honest-to-goodness hardware store around, you know. (Yes, I'm trolling. Local men do not comment enough in this heah journal! Respect mah authoritah! I hate you gahs... so much... *ahem*)

I had a $20 gift card courtesy of a web promotion, which I decided to use on:

  • 1. A new wire cutting and crimping tool: $4.95
    Gardner Bender GS-66
    (Agh burzum-ishi krimping tûl!)

  • 2. A 6-lb box of Miracle-Grô: $8.47
    (It's the closest thing this Banazîr can have to a box marked 'G')

  • 3. A wearable, hands-free LED light: extra bright, lithium battery-operated, and the bulb never burns out: $5.97
    (A light for when all others go out...)

Total plus tax: $20.83
Getting started on The ProjektTM: PRICELESS

Cute kitty. Watercolor. What's not to like?

Now this video from chunkygoat is just adorable. About 35-40 seconds into it, watch the "model" appear and become interested in the evolving watercolor.

Smeagol the Catholic: a Tripitaka Crackpot Theory

cavlec, your husband comes up with the zaniest theories. Even for a TEUNC. Seriously!

[20:38:39] Kalimak_Brandagamba (Tripitaka): When is Good Friday?
[20:39:53] Demzor_the_Consuminator: now!~
[20:40:33] Razanur_Tuk (banazir): Er?
[20:41:05] Kalimak_Brandagamba: I've stopped paying attention to the ecclesiastical calendar
[20:41:14] *** Demzor_the_Consuminator is now known as emos.
[20:41:19] Kalimak_Brandagamba: I assume it's either this Friday or the next one
[20:41:42] *** Kalimak_Brandagamba is now known as Tripitac_Brandagamba.
[20:43:24] Razanur_Tuk (banazir): Oo
[20:43:33] Razanur_Tuk (banazir): It's tomorra, yesh
[20:43:39] Razanur_Tuk (banazir): Acos this is Easter weekend coming up
[20:43:45] Tripitac_Brandagamba: Aha
[20:43:52] Razanur_Tuk: Ask the one here who gave up CHOKLIT for Lent!
[20:43:55] Tripitac_Brandagamba: Spring!
[20:44:04] Tripitac_Brandagamba: Who gave up chocolate for Lent?
[20:44:07] Razanur_Tuk (banazir): Figgy!
[20:44:15] * Razanur_Tuk gives figgylicious some Oestre CHOKLIT
[20:44:22] * figgylicious did
[20:44:23] * figgylicious won
[20:44:29] * figgylicious is victorious
[20:44:35] *** You are now known as Aragon.
[20:44:39] Aragon (banazir): Christ is risen!
[20:44:43] Aragon (banazir): Arise, take food
[20:44:53] Aragon (banazir): Thy hobbit bids yew EAT!
[20:44:56] * dragnflye doesn't celebrate Lent.
[20:45:01] dragnflye: Therefore, I didn't have to give anything. :)
[20:45:13] Aragon (banazir): One doesn't exacterly CELEBRATE Lent; one observes it ;)
[20:45:21] Aragon (banazir): One celebrates the END of Lent :-D
[20:45:33] figgylicious: yah
[20:46:12] Tripitac_Brandagamba: One repents for Lent
[20:46:18] Tripitac_Brandagamba: In sackcloth and ashes
[20:46:22] Tripitac_Brandagamba: Like Gollum
[20:46:31] Tripitac_Brandagamba: So that at the end you are purified
[20:46:35] Tripitac_Brandagamba: Ready
[20:46:39] Tripitac_Brandagamba: And willing
[20:46:50] Tripitac_Brandagamba: To be cast into the fires of Doom
[20:47:21] Tripitac_Brandagamba: March 25, 3019
[20:47:38] Aragon: Hrm
[20:47:48] Aragon: Gollum wore ashes and sackcloth?
[20:48:02] Tripitac_Brandagamba: Well, lembas tasted like ashes to him
[20:48:24] Tripitac_Brandagamba: And he wore a loincloth

Doubtless the LOTR where a CHOKLIT-crazy Denethor is played by Alfred Molina. Coming to theatres, Lenten season, 2025.

ETA, 23:00 CST:
The Ship Meme

From havocthecat:

  • 1. Comment with any 'ship from a fandom that you know I like, or at least have some knowledge about.

  • 2. I will ramble for 100 words about aforementioned 'ship. This may be incoherent gushing or exclamations of disgust, depending on what it is.

  • 3. Put this on your LJ, if you are so inclined.

Y'know, now that I think about it, I am not very big on ship from SF fandoms. I have a few pet ones, though, and will reward you with exclamations about how well you know me if you guess one.


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