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Byenertia, or, The Importance of Being AFK

I'M AWAKE!    - Peppermint Patty, Peanuts

Last night I did an odd thing.
I went to sleep a little after 01:00... and got up after 09:30.

Sometimes you can reply in time and still be too late! Case in point:


[23:49:32] <banazir> Yee!
[23:49:32] <sui_degeneris> Anyway, on that note (because you're multichatting again!)... Goodnight!
[23:49:35] * banazir too
[23:49:36] *** Signoff: sui_degeneris (Quit: )
[23:49:39] <banazir> Night!
[23:49:46] <banazir> Meep! She too fast!

There should be a sniglet for this phenomenon. Maybe:

byenertia (n.): the tendency for a person saying "bye" to continue saying "bye" even while others are still speaking, or to continue speaking even when others have exited the conversation, particularly in instant messaging or Internet Relay Chat.

Oops, that'll teach me to go to sleep...
(Fine, Teuncettes of the Overactive Maternal Instincts: that'll teach me to set AFK and go to sleep in despite of people wanting to talk to me.)


[00:44:15] miyeko (Yahoo main): hey
[02:06:15] *** miyeko (Yahoo main) signed off at Sat Mar 26 02:06:15 2005.
[03:44:35] *** miyeko (Yahoo main) signed on at Sat Mar 26 03:44:35 2005.
[03:47:26] *** miyeko (Yahoo main) signed off at Sat Mar 26 03:47:26 2005.

[00:46:04] grain_king (Yahoo): Hey, can I ask you a question?
[02:49:12] *** grain_king (Yahoo)" signed off at Sat Mar 26 02:49:12 2005.
[03:11:28] *** grain_king (Yahoo)" signed on at Sat Mar 26 03:11:28 2005.
[03:11:32] *** grain_king (Yahoo)" signed off at Sat Mar 26 03:11:32 2005.

When one gets up and see these, one tends to:

a) realize that one forgot to set one's "Asleep" away message;
b) look and see when it was, and then go, "Wait, but I wasn't asleep until after 01:15! Dang...";
c) check one's last IMs of the night and see that one was actually saying "good night" by 00:15.

Well, at least I do. Usually in that order. I remember checking at a quarter to midnight to see who was on, too.


[01:46:57] twinbee (AOL): so, where is massforge?
[01:47:08] twinbee (AOL): are we using CVS? :-P
[02:20:04] *** twinbee (AOL) signed off at Sat Mar 26 02:20:04 2005.
[02:47:45] *** twinbee (AOL) signed on at Sat Mar 26 02:47:45 2005.
[03:04:09] *** twinbee (AOL) signed off at Sat Mar 26 03:04:09 2005.

Well, this sure ain't gonna help my bynertia compulsion!
Hrm, I think we should call people with bynertia "near-obssessive/compulsive disorder" byenocks ("bye-nOCs"). It conjures up a squeeing thing that clings to the sides of starships waiting for people to sign oncome out, and is just a little too slow to avoid a blaster shot.

To answer your question, twinbee: yes, we will be using CVS, as soon as I get a repository set up. I'm undecided as to whether the development repository should be on fingolfin (my current file, outgoing mail, and CVS server), on another system in my lab, or on Sourceforge. My gut instinct is to use Sourceforge only for distribution, as with BNJ.

Oh, BTW, we really still need graphic artists for Massforge! The project needs a cool wallpaper and icon, at least. Real renders (and the SETI-like distrubuted screensaver) will have to wait until we've developed a first prototype, of course.


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