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White peach blossom

16:35 CST Tue 29 March 2005
Manhattan, KS

My dad planted a new tao3 shu4 (white peach tree) this winter, and both it and the magnolia in the front yard are in full bloom. Sometimes my folks keep an actual Japanese-style garden, and sometimes it just looks that way because of tao3 hua1 (peach blossoms) like the above. I'm told these will get redder as they develop.

Edit, 17:25 CST Tue 05 Apr 2005: Well, that was embarrassing! I originally reported the above as a blossom of a "red plum tree". My Chinese sure is rusty. taozi are peaches, and meizi are plums. Oy. So I had the species wrong. Hey, all you Chinese speakers are s'posed to correct me! Were you all asleep at the wheel? :-P

16:33 CST Tue 29 March 2005
Manhattan, KS

I'll put the whole album (of 28 images, about half of which are passable and 1/4 of which are nonredundant) up soon. I've got 3 technical papers due in 3 days, so things are a bit hectic here.


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