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Yours is superior

(c) 2005 Google, Inc.

My favorite Google practical joke is still the PigeonRank algorithm from 01 April 2002.

(c) 2005 bradfitz

Edit, 21:50 CST: Here's the original post. I like that I got the screenshot when the comment count (now at exactly 5000) was 1984. Fitting.

I love ominous corporate babble. It makes me focus my core capabilities and reach sound conclusions through change-embracing reformulation of my essential plan.

Any good ones from Slashdot? I was so busy I forgot to check, even after my graphics students told me about it.

In other news: The second FIBR paper (third paper this week, sixth one this year) is out! This weekend is for sleeping and unwinding. And much need of it shall I have: I went to Susan Wessler's talk today sans jacket, such was my haste to get to Cardwell. My new colleague L. J. Wang, the KINBRE bioinformatician - who, incidentally, was one of Susan's Ph.D. students at the University of Georgia - is herewith advised to the depth of my commitment to Science. :-P (You'd think I'd have learned my lesson from the fate of my namesake, William Henry Harrison, but noooooo...)


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