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The Nickname Meme

Here's one I just thought of - please propagate this via your own journals.
Tell me about one of your most interesting nicknames. It can be telling, whimsical, romantic, zany, or even an epithet if you feel like sharing. Explain who first coined it and when. Do you like it? Why or why not?

Some family members call me by a couple of very odd nicknames: xu3 tong3 (Hsu-bucket, a name I invented for myself when I was 4 or 5) and gan1 bien3 niu2 rou4 si1 (Dried and Flattened Beef Jerky Strips, because I was extremely skinny as a child from having a picky appetite and refusing to eat most meat, and because I was born under the Chinese zodiacal sign of the Ox).

ETA, 02:25 CDT Sat 23 Apr 2005 - I should mention that I always thought of this nickname as being a good descriptor of myself. I don't think I ever even laughed at it; it's just always felt uniquely my own.

Gan Bien Niu Rou Si

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