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Banadad versus Mothra

Some time in January:

banazir: Hey, dad, I'm looking for my Connectix QuickCam - you know, that little parallel port eyeball cam? Is it in your clos-- WOAH! What is that SMELL?!
BANADAD: Mothballs, Bana. We have a LOT of moths this year. I'm not gonna let them ruin all the clothes!
banazir: Yeah, but what are you trying to do, knock them out of the air? Sheesh, isn't naphthalene kind of toxic?
BANADAD: Mm, no, not at this rate of sublimation. Trust me, I'm a chemist.
banazir: OK, but what about carcinogenicity?
BANADAD: Eh, don't worry about it.

Three months later, around 0100...

BANAMUM: Hey, Bana, why don't you change out of your clothes? I'm going to do a load of laundry.
banazir: 'k.
BANAMUM, to BANADAD: Get Bana a couple of t-shirts, will you?
BANADAD, coming back after several minutes: Yeah, these are all I could find.
BANAMUM: Fine, here, Ba-- WOAH! What the heck is that CHEMICAL STENCH?!
banazir: Oh, it's just naphthalene. Totally harmless, says dad.
BANAMUM: What the hell are you talking about? This stuff smells like poison! K------, what are you doing putting these pellets in normal everyday clothes?
BANADAD: Well, it'll air out.
banazir: Night, Ma. Night, Dad.

ETA, coda - the next morning:

BANAMUM: It's after 10 o'clock! Since when do you sleep until 10! Hey, K------? Bring him that box!
Enter BANADAD with 14-ounce box of EnozTM Brand Old-Fashioned Mothballs.
banazir, reading: "Apply product in clean, airtight containers.... May be fatal if inhaled. Do not breathe vapors... If inhaled, move person to fresh air; call 911 if not breathing, poison control, yadda yadda yadda... 99.95% pure naphthalene..." gee, thanks Dad.
BANAMUM, to BANADAD: Didn't you say this crap was an additive in soy sauce?!
BANADAD: Ummm? That might have been napha salt. Sorry.
banazir: Aaargh! Gah!


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