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Getting caught up on 24

Please note: Except for one episode of Season 3, I haven't watched an episode of 24 since right after the plane crash in Season 2. I have a rough idea of what happenned to George Mason and Miguel, but that's it.

SPOILERS for Season 4, Hour 16:
(Highlight to read)

  • Hrm, last I heard, Palmer made it through Season 3. I guess he was impeached or resigned?

  • OK, so Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler are still with CTU. What was that about them being married? Was that before Season 1 or something that happened between Seasons 2 and 4?

  • "*kof* *wheeze* It's too late... within the hour... *DIE*" OK, villains? If there's one thing lamer than gloating when you have the good guys subdued and all ready to kill, it's a death gloat. Seriously.

  • I take it the woman Jack shot is one of Marvan's badass agents? That'll teach people to take cover behind cheap Hollywood drywall sets.

  • "You're telling me this stolen stealth plane will attempt to shoot me down?" "It appears so, Mr. President." "Dad?" "It'll be OK."
    Uhh, who's writing this dialogue, George Lucas?!

  • "Beaten by our own technology." Gee, ya think?

  • ... aaaand now it's Air Force One meets The West Wing... on wings.

  • ... or not.

Hrm, this show isn't quite what it used to be. I loved the whole first season, and watched almost all of it.
Generic question: What is the deal with time dilation on this show? IIRC, Palmer was running for reelection in Season 1 (2001-2002). Did the timeline speed up so that we are now more than 3-4 years past the beginning of Season 1?

In other news - recommended by havocthecat:

  • "Harry Potter and the Ancient God-King" by The Evil Author - Hogwarts gets a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor - Illyria/Fred from the Angelverse

  • "Atlantean Confessions" by The Evil Author - A set of short missives from the Pegasus Galaxy... Elizabeth the Vampire Slayer, Rodney McKay of the Clan McKay, and much more...


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