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One Voice, Many Thanks: church events and computer exorcisms

I just got back from One Voice, a very nice church play about the teachings and passion of Jesus Christ, produced and performed by members and affiliates of Grace Baptist. Rev. Flack, the pastor, was cast in the role of Jesus and did very well. There were a couple of singers - namely, the ones playing John the Baptist, Joseph of Arimathea, and Mary Magdalene - who really stole the show, but as a whole the entire ensemble cast did very well. The fellow playing Pontius Pilate hammed it up just a bit, but it was an effective performance. :-)

ETA, 10:05 CST Tue 19 Apr 2005: Here's a link to another production of One Voice.

Thanks to all who helped with the first two requests I posted on 05 Mar 2005 and 27 Mar 2005.

  • 1. Deleting LILO or editing LILO entries. Thanks to scottharmon and grain_king for posting solutions to this one. I haven't done the fdisk yet (Banadad does love his Google News), but I soon will.

  • 2. Wrong KVM port being addressed by rebooted ThinkPad. For now, I solved this by unplugging the KVM connectors for the ThinkPad each time I reboot it. This has been a nuisance, though, since there were a lot of Windows Updates this week. Count yourself happy, Linux and MacOS folks!

  • 3. Friend colors in the LJ Component scheme. I still have no solution to this one.

  • 4. CD-R/RW drive and power issues on Dell Dimension XPS D-300. Ditto; I edited some details into the original post.

  • 5. Spam-filtering without procmail. I got this working with procmail, but would still appreciate tips on the RBLs and client-side filtering using Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, and any plug-ins based upon SpamBayes or similar systems.

  • 6. X on Debian/Ubuntu Linux. Still no joy here, but I haven't been trying for a while. Anyone running X under Debian? scottharmon? What did you do? I'll reinstall if it's easier. (I am baffled why X wasn't even there by default; if I deselected it somehow during the install config, I don't know when.)

  • 7. procmail broken. I think Andrew may have fixed this, but I'm not sure.

And now for the new and persistent problems:

Problem #1: FINISH him! DVD-Rs and readability

I gave istari_ala a multisession DVD that was not finished, and she can't read it. It was burned using Nero 5.5 on Laurelin (my COMPAQ Presario SR1010NX, a Celeron 2.8GHz system running WinXP). I'm willing to finish it, but can anyone tell me for sure when and why this might be necessary?

Problem #2: GoToMySpecialHell

I'd like to set up VNC to permit remote kibbitzing on Laurelin, my COMPAQ Presario SR1010NX (2.8GHz Intel Celeron, 768Mb RAM) running WinXP Home, and Samba to share Rusty, its 200Gb IDE drive.

First, does anyone have any alternative recommendations to Samba and VNC?
Second, any version recommendations?
Third, any security tips?

Problem #3: In my CUPS

This is more of a user education question. Does anyone reading this know how to set up CUPS under Debian Linux or Windows, to print from:

  • Windows XP (Tulkas, 802.11b wireless; Laurelin, 10/100 Ethernet)

  • Windows 2000 (Earrame, 802.11b wireless, Vingilot, 10/100 Ethernet)

  • Debian Linux (Telperion, 10/100 Ethernet)

  • MacOS 8.6 & 9 AppleTalk, soon 10.4 (Este and Yavanna, 10/100 Ethernet)

First, which is preferable for the print server itself - Windows or Linux? I think Sterling said that either is OK, but I want to have nice, transparent CUPS access (command-line, as I would have if I were using lpr instead).

In other news: To all Borg, Black Guardians, Crennim, Suliban, and other peoples messing with the Roman Catholic timeline - quit it!


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