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Poetry in motion

Poetry of Haipeng the Poetical
The poet is not the author of a poem; he is himself the poem, if he lives poetically.
    - hpguo

Here's the latest from hpguo, my former padawan learner, now a knight1 in his own right.
So, can you guess which parts were mine? (Hint: it was a miniscule contribution.)

1 BTW, Haipeng, you might want to get KSU-CIS to do a CNAME on your old URL, because it just went defunct with the last account pruning.

New taglines

Primary tagline: Introduction to Jedi ghosting - if you have read Revenge of the Sith or spoilers for the ending, you know exactly what this means. It is finally confirmed that joining one's fea to the Force (to use the Quenya term) is a skill, one opposite to the "immortality" skill that Darth Plagueis allegedly discovered. Qui-Gon Jinn acquired it (though Stover's novel does not indicate how) and taught it to Yoda and Obi-Wan. "Nice work if you can get it."

It's obliquely suggested that some of this information is in the Jedi holocrons but that sealing the library to all but Jedi masters (about 70 years before the purge) restricted this information.

Secondary tagline: Ransacking Pakistan since 2003 - this is actually from the Rockappella tune "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" I've had an LJ since 2003.


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