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Pimp Request Amnesty Week, cf. cleolinda

I saw an interesting series of posts by cleolinda1 of the Best... Lost Synopses... Ever that I thought I would turn into a meme:

Pimp Request Amnesty Week:
Post, e-mail, or IM something you would like me to pimp - a charity, a site, a community (LJ, Yahoo! Groups, or other), or your own blog. I'll post it here in a couple of days after everyone has had a chance to take advantage of the pimpage.

I hear tell that zengeneral and masaga have gotten a hold of a deadly, deadly drug of my youth. Two of them, actually. Two great tastes that taste great together... you know of what I speak...

Yes, I am talking about LoTR Risk.
This is but a taste of the terror that banazir will unleash!!

1 ETA, 11:50 CDT: Cleo affirms that she was the coiner of the now-famous expression "OMGWTFPOLARBEAR". OMG-- eh, you know the drill. ^_~


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