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Ani Skywalker and the Planet of Fire

Here's an adaptation of a meme posted by miajesbar:
Using popular titles and quotes from movies, TV, and books, supply a suggested alternate title for Star Wars Episode III

The Serious

The winners...
Rise of the Empire
Fall of the Republic
Fall of the Jedi
Revenge of the Sith
(rise, fall; rise, fall; is this Star Wars or a Otis Elevator documentary?!)

See Also...
The Sith Awakening (Marco Aurelio)
A New Order (Carl Curran)
The Shadow's Ascension (Joel Sparks)
The Dark Betrayal (Karen Jaffa)

Twilight of the Jedi
(if only because the German translation would be Jedidammerung.) - Aaron Gowen

The Not-So-Serious

Anakin Versus the Volcano (Carl Mavin)
In Sithness and In Health (Alan Smithee)
The Sith Hits the Fan (Wongmuldoon)
For A Few Dollars More (Alex Mcginlay)
Stop! Or My Padawan Will Shoot! (Ryan Peile)
The Tatooine Lightsaber Massacre (Michael Craven)
Kill Binks (Andrew Jones)
Confessions of a Teenage Jedi (Chris Wright)
The Emperor's New Groove (Peter Parker)
The Empire of the Son (Peter Parker)
The Sith Sense (lots and lots of you)
The Force and the Furious (Caroline Robeson)
Padme, Baby, One More Time (Caroline Robeson)
Jedi Nights (Paul Enders)
The Emperor's New Clones (Steve Owen)
Darth Vader or how I learned to stop worrying and love the dark side (Steve Owen)
The Force Whisperer (Karjun)
Death Stars In Their Eyes (Karjun)
Sith Happens (Charles Ebikeme)
Army of Darthness (Ash)
Palp Fiction (Helen Highwater)
Start Panicking, It's Anakin (Ian)

banazir's Not-So-Serious Contributions

Ani Skywalker and the Planet of Fire
My Big Fat Imperial Takeover (or My Big Fat Jedi Purge)
Dark Force One
Ani's Choice
Fried Green Jedi Masters
The Silence of the Padawans
Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Temple of Doom
Dude, Where's My Wife?
Apocalypse A Long Time Ago (In A Galaxy Far, Far Away)
The Light, The Dark, and the Ugly
Purged in 60 Seconds
Sith Could Happen To You
Death of a Jedi
Anakin Skywalker's Bogus Adventure
Get Sidious

With the help of the IMDB Top 250 List:

Two Angry Men
Sith Club
Eternal Darkness of the Sith Lord Mind
Requiem for a Chosen One
The Imperial Candidate
Crouching Chancellor, Hidden Sith Lord
Ani Darko
Sith City (of course)
Once Upon A Time On Coruscant
All The Chancellor's Clones
Bride of Skywalker

Not so much, but they seemed obvious:

Anakin Skywalker's Day Off
George Lucas's Metropolis
Wookiee Knights
Darth of Darkness


The Entropy Ravaging (Andrew)
The Delicious Milk (Gavin Allen)
Removal of the Spleen (Biblo Porgam)
Jedi Crumble (Samantha Jane heroic decline or novelty pudding?)
The Rock Monsters (Mark Cordell)
Return of the Monkey Toucher (Kenny Wilson)
The Sausage of Doom (Sean Chuckle)
My Cat is Sick (Jeff Wode)
Jedipalooza (Frank Castle)


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