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Mercy week

  • Monday - I was washing my whiteboard (something that happens only once every 2 years or so) and decided to search for a set of notes I had taken the last time. Later, between the massforge meeting and my dashing off to the interview for the new faculty candidate and dinner with my family's friends, I locked the cabinet. Sure enough, I couldn't find my keys. That's right: I locked my keys inside my cabinet.

  • Tuesday - Frantic conference calls trying to get work sorted out for the next month. The mother of all surprises at 13:50. Distracted from still searching for the keys, I set my secondary notebook (Earrame, a sweet little ThinkPad T21 I got for $650 plus $150 extended care warranty) down in front of Osse in my grad students' cubicle. I went to check my mail, and heard a crisp little clatter. When I returned, Earrame was lying face down. Ai. The glass of the LCD panel is spiderwebbed with cracks, the liquid crystal display making small fractal patterns around the lines. It's beautiful in death, really. I hooked Earrame to my KVM and decided to retire it two years early.

  • Wednesday - A day of student crises. In the afternoon, I was a little over 10 minutes late to Judong Shen's final dissertation defense because I hadn't noticed that he scheduled it during my group meeting. (Note to self: check things put under your nose before signing. Note to students: please do check my online schedule for conflicts before requesting a defense or appointment time.)

  • Thursday - The good news: Julie defended with flying colors this morning. The bad news: Now Earrame's keyboard and TrackPoint don't work. I blew the first half of the afternoon trying to get my laptop repaired and part of the rest working on other university business. Gah. God knows what tomorrow will bring.

Edit, 00:45 Sun 01 May 2005:

  • Friday - This day wasn't so bad, thank God. I had to rush for 2 hours in the AM to finish a special topics lecture I promised my CIS 736 class - on binary space partitioning (BSP), potentially visible set (PVS) determination aka cell and portal visibility algorithms, and real-time per-pixel lighting.

  • Saturday - Banadad came home after 3 hours of errands: groceries, an eyeglass appointment, and getting new batteries for my dead wristwatch, leaving me and Banamum 14 minutes to get in the car, zip down to the post office, and send back my Video Professor (hah) CD via priority mail. The thing is due 06 May 2005, and FYI, I've asked for three extensions: February to March, March to April, and April to May. OMGKTHXDED.


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