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Five down, one to go

RoboSim Geometry Module
by Ryan Shelton (B.S., Kansas State University, 2003)
M.S. Project Report1
Defended 05 May 2005
Advisor: William H. Hsu (banazir)

(c) 2005 Ryan E. Shelton
KSU Robotics Simulator (RoboSim) Wiki

1 Under revision.

ETA, 20:10 CDT: Also,
Happy Birthday, hfx_ben!

ETA: 22:20 CDT: In other news, I've been consulting twinbee and yahvah a bit about project topics, and it looks as if a couple of other local grads will be doing projects with my group. twinbee is interested in genetic programming and visualization, so I think this might be the year for a bayesnets, massforge, geckies triple whammy.

ETA: 23:40 CDT: And it's looking like an A* and topology-related project for twinbee. I sent him down Sven Koenig-way, as Sven probably knows about many more results in this area than I do.
ETA: 16:00 CDT Sat 07 May 2005: ... or maybe not. Time to look up some GP vis references.


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