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Cut! That's a wrap, people

Cooperative Robotics Organization Simulator User Interface and Display Module
by Scott Dale Gillan (B.S., Kansas State University, 2003)
M.S. Project Report1
Defended 06 May 2005
Advisor: Scott A. DeLoach

1 Under revision.

Edit, 15:50 CDT Sat 07 May 2005:

  • 11:50 - The preliminaries to the 2005 Ecological Genomics spring workship went well. (Look for some more exciting news here, if you are a bioinformatician, ecologist, or k_stater.

  • 13:25 - And that's a wrap for CIS 736! The projects were good but not great. Diptansu and tmehlinger gave good presentations. I'm going to get eckypecky and masaga to help me put all the past presentations up.

  • 14:30 - And that is also a wrap for CIS 830. We'll have to see how the projects (multicriterion GA optimization for Keep-Away Soccer and GP-ISLES in Keep-Away Ultimate) pan out, but things look fairly promising.

  • 14:45 - megruder stopped by to say hello, and brought back more books than I realized I had lent her. (Donut think I'm gonna forget to take them down, eoples! ;-)) She seems to be doing all right, for someone who has crossed over into the labyrinth where night is blind. ;-)

  • 01:00 - Behold, the inimitable cuteness that is KittenWar! Read 'em and squee, mellyn nîn.


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