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Ding dong, the malware's dead

The malware is gone! Ahh, sweet silence.

Over the last three weeks, I've had a severe infestation of the pop-up hijacker ISTbar (the XXXToolbar variant) and the "data miner" spyware AproposMedia (aka CxtPls, the PeopleOnPage variant).
Thanks to some RTFM (reading of the fine manual) and the spyware detector and remover XoftSpy v4.13, I finally got rid of them.

For reference, here are the entries on the two spyware programs.

"Use Firefox", I know, but as you probably also know, not running IE is not as cut-and-dried for Windows XP users as all that. Windows Media Player and other applications kick into it for various functions. Also, I maintain multiple whole sets of GMail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL accounts, and I'm not sure how to factor my cookies into two completely disparate sets of tabs. Is Opera any more stable since the disastrous version 7? If it's relatively more resistant to spyware, I'm thinking about running it instead.


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