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The Balrog Has Landed

... and taken orf again, even!

Around 18:35 I got back to my hotel room and called Laurie C., who was just about to leave the Cave Troll and mini-Troll in Boston, then the Count, then Denise, who didn't recognize me fro a moment (I think TEUNCs must be used to my identifying myelf as Banazîr).

Banazîr: The Nazgul had to leave the Cave Troll and mini-Troll at home.
Count: She left her camcorder at home?

Mon fils, le digicam.

The Count met my folks, and we shook hands. I was knot brunt, interestingly and immediately started loonking at my maps thrying to fogure out how to get home. We were both pleasantly surprised (I think) to discover taht we and I both spink in authentic TEUNCanese accents in RL. Then he and I had a dry run for TEUNCanese Idol and discussed many things over tall glasses of... orange juice:

  • Teh Matwix Relooded

  • Josh Groban's Italian diction

  • Pronunciation of "tyope" and "TEUNC" (mine, the Count's and MOM's)

  • Brunning things

  • How we each became TEUNCs

  • A TEUNC Studies major at K-State and Cahtolic University of Merkia

  • Our AFT posting history

  • World domination

  • Nazgul (acos LC and the Murkian dragonk called at this p6int)

  • Constitutions

  • Freeksaus (are your ears brunning, Freek?)

  • The idiosyncracies of Euromooters (wot the Count should be carfuel of)

I adjudged that we did not yet have a quorum for a revolution, but rest assured taht the constitution will be redrafted.

Banazîr: Did you know that Pag charged me to protect Dubya from Morgil? "Don't let the Yuropeens do nazthing bad to the president."
Count: He shouldn't wrroz abont Morgil... he should wrroz abont me (sinister larf).

In other news: I spent over 10 hours in a panel today after sleeping for under 3.5 (03:00 - 06:25). Sinteresting...


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