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Finding Neverland

The Things You Left Undone Meme
Post this meme in your own journal, and in it, list three surpising things you have never done. Then let people comment and ask you about them.

I have never:

1. been drunk.
2. pulled a complete all-nighter (gone more than 30 hours without sleep).
3. breathed while watching a stargate transit.

In other news: Classes are done. I just gave my final exam for computer graphics yesterday. Later I hung around Sterling's CIS 450 (Computer Architecture) final and told folks about CIS 490 (the undergrad version of my AI course, to be offered in fall, 2005) and CIS 636 (the undergrad version of my CG course, to be offered in spring, 2006).

Joey season finale: This is a much better television sitcom than I thought! I'll go ahead and say that I think it's got Frasier-class legs, though I doubt whether Matt LeBlanc wants to do this for another 10 years.


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