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Job-hunting resources in IT

All righty, sports fans: it's that time of year again when my students start graduating like, um, flies, and leaving the nest. (Did I mix enough metaphors into that last sentence?)

Some of my students are staying on, and one of the hourly assistants needs a bit of additional summer work so she can get affiliated with more research groups. She's a professional web designer (layout and site creation) with about 5 years of experience and good programming skills. After working with my group for 9 months, she has now learned some server-side programming. In the course of the summer and fall she'll be picking up more on the DBA and systems administration (Unix and Windows 2000/2003 Advanced Server) side this summer while continuing to work with my group.

Can anyone please point us to:

The student and I have an appointment with CES tomorrow afternoon (Tue 17 May 2005).

Thanks in advance,

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