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It is a good day for massforge

I am win!

k_state gave me a Faculty Development Award of $1800 for IJCAI-2005, where I will present a paper I got into one of the topical workshops. (This one was actually nontrivially refereed, though workshops are still much easier to get papers into than the technical tracks of IJCAI and UAI.) I will also attend several tutorials and have eckypecky attend a couple as well, if she can get her stuff stored before she moves to Jardine.

This morning at 10:30, I had a nice meeting with Paul Lowe, our Assistant Vice Provost for Research, on massforge. In five yearsweeks the CorleoneKDD Family will be completely legitimatecontractually sound! I also talked with him about how to confirm that we are intellectual property (IP) compliant, avoid being assimilated by the Microsoft Collective over Auggie, etc. ETA, 17:25 CDT Thu 19 May 2005: Turns out Auggie is ex-Borg already.

At 11:15, I headed over to Throckmorton to check on the Theoretical Plant Modeling lab of Steve Welch, who is the lead PI of our NSF FIBR Project on Ecological Genomics of Arabidopsis Development (EGAD)1. I am ordering four Dell Dimension 3000 systems (Pentium 4, 3GHz, 1Gb RAM, 160Gb HD, for $950 plus S&H) for his lab, a 4-port KVM, a couple of 10/100 NICs, and a 24-port 10/100 switch. Well, it turns out that four of the systems he has decommissioned and were about to be junked were Gateway E-4200s (Pentium 3 450MHz), and two were HP Vectras (P6-180s). I called tmehlinger last night and he showed up with two of his buddies and assimilated them into the massforge collective.

1 When we scientists get to select our own acronyms, the result in inevitably geeky. I had to explain to Erika Charbit, the Ecological Genomics/FIBR postdoc, that "Egad" is an English exclamation roughly equivalent to "Zut alors!" (BTW, that is eckypecky's site - what do you all think of it?)



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May. 20th, 2005 02:51 am (UTC)
Congrats on the award.

That arabidopsis project looks really cool. What part of it are you working on - the pathway modeling?
May. 20th, 2005 03:22 am (UTC)
Gene expression dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana
Congrats on the award.
Thanks - it was one of those "matching funds" deals, but they did require that I get a paper in (which I did).

That Arabidopsis project looks really cool. What part of it are you working on - the pathway modeling?
Indeed, and always. Our group studies regulatory network and pathway modeling. I have a recent IASTED paper on learning parameters and struture of regulatory networks, which narrowly missed being a AAAI paper but which I hope will make it into KDD, ICML, or ISMB in the next round.

May. 20th, 2005 03:10 am (UTC)
May. 20th, 2005 03:19 am (UTC)
I found it a tiny bit ironic that the main positive point on my proposal review was that I was putting up over $2000 from another grant to make the trip, but oh, well. :-)

I've never been to England (or anywhere in Europe) before, so this will be interesting - and, I hope, fun.

May. 20th, 2005 07:25 am (UTC)
I always wanted to cluster a bunch of Commodore 64s.

Congradumalations on the grant, buddyboy.
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