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Attack of the Atomic Supermen

Rushing around like a bounty hunter with his head cut off, I am!

Tomorrow is our NSF ITR project meeting, where I will be presenting some preliminary results on supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and clustering.
I'll put my slides up after the workshop. The dry run with Darth Kader went well, and Andrew will be giving a short presentation as well.

Thursday, we have a conference call with the AIdentity Matrix Medical project principal, and Steve Welch returns from a tour of Finland (a city named Oulu, several hundred kloms south of the Arctic Circle) and Germany. Here are the things I ordered for his lab last Tuesday:

  • Four (4) Dell Dimension 3000 (3GHz, 1Gb RAM, 160Gb HD, 10/100 NIC) - $954 each plus S&H with no monitor or speakers (3), $1061 with them (1)

  • One (1) 4-port KVM: $35

  • One (1) 24-port 10/100 DLink hub: $100 less a rebate that I don't know if K-State (well, Steve's department) will send in

  • Two (2) DLink 10/100/1000 NICs: $24 each

Getting the KDD-monkey off my back: priceless!
The last three items are from NewEgg and are already here, and the Dells should be here later this week. ETA, 17:30 CST Fri 27 May 2005: They just arrived.

The massforge cluster is now fully operational. Witness the end of your insignificant buggeralien occupation! (tmehlinger, how's that "Thank You" note to the Welchmeister coming along?)

Meanwhile, my 810Mb COMPAQ LTE 5250 hard drive is being scanned with Scandisk. The level 4 scan is going to take about 400 hours, and it's barely 100 in yet. Ugh. Next time, FAT32.
Does anyone know whether I can still format a Linux partition and keep the bad-cluster markings? (I'd hate to spend over two weeks running this and have it all be futile!)

(Title snurched from George Lucas and Switch to Linux, an archetypal inspiration for massforge.)


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