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Lost, Lost, all is Lost

... well, not on the ITR project. The workshop went swimmingly (all hail to Charlie and Kader, and thanks to Andrew for a nice little demo). Nothing dispels the Demo Demon like a little Emeril design philosophy.1

I hate this show!

Exploding Arzt: Ew.
Homeric survival of the heroes: Fortes fortuna ContractShieldedTM.
Walt, Michael, Jin, Sawyer: Noooooo, *sits back and lets him do the screaming*, go Jin go, and you know he'll be back...
Stupid $)(#&*&!(#&%(* leading to... sdfhskgshglhsa CLIFFHANGER. J. J. Abrams has denied that it's all a dream and they're all dead and that the shaft is a tunnel to hell, but after the Black PearlRock? Who the trask knows? Craphole Island has Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, for criminy's sake. Throw in Jimmy Hoffa and Surak and you've got yourself an episode of Trek!

1 The "cooking show" approach to software demos, adopted and refined by yours truly since 1996, is to favor live demos over screenshots whenever possible, but to have "fall back" measures in case of network outages, OS glitches, etc. Recordings (such as our BNJ animation), pre-loaded applets, and other preparations are key. Always have something to show, picking up from the next stage, in case you have a problem or (in rare cases) a crash. I've used the cooking show method before and though I have never had a major show-stopper crash in a software demo, I have had minor environment errors that I was able to get through because I prepared 2-5 "copies" of every "dish", the way Emeril Lagasse does.


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