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Google Summer of Code

Are any of you who are undergrads or graduate students applying (or planning to apply) for Google's Summer of Code? gondhir pointed it out to me, and it seems ingenious: a $4500 stipend for completing an open-source project to a sponsor's specification. It's like a paid internship in the comfort of one's own home.

BTW, the deadline is tomorrow (14 Jul 2005), so you have just about 24 hours to submit an application if you are planning to.

I wonder if this would work in a setting such as bayesnets (BNJ) or massforge. In a way, we already do it: summer research assistantships carry a comparable stipend, though we don't have as much open competition and grad students get paid anyway. I do think Google's method is better for widening the eligible pool to undergrads, though.



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