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Google Summer of Code

Are any of you who are undergrads or graduate students applying (or planning to apply) for Google's Summer of Code? gondhir pointed it out to me, and it seems ingenious: a $4500 stipend for completing an open-source project to a sponsor's specification. It's like a paid internship in the comfort of one's own home.

BTW, the deadline is tomorrow (14 Jul 2005), so you have just about 24 hours to submit an application if you are planning to.

I wonder if this would work in a setting such as bayesnets (BNJ) or massforge. In a way, we already do it: summer research assistantships carry a comparable stipend, though we don't have as much open competition and grad students get paid anyway. I do think Google's method is better for widening the eligible pool to undergrads, though.




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Jun. 14th, 2005 11:31 am (UTC)
good morning "sam wise" congratulations of going to Edinburg, say hello to my anscestors there, the grierson and the hamilton families, ...

and i would very much like to read the story of your father. and how the heck you ended up in manhattan kansas?

and yes i will take your left over time on lj ..wink...

have a happy day!!
Jun. 14th, 2005 05:56 pm (UTC)
Summer of Scootland
good morning "sam wise" congratulations of going to Edinburg, say hello to my anscestors there, the grierson and the hamilton families, ...
Will do!

and i would very much like to read the story of your father.
Actually, it was my mother's father who went to Japan, but here are three stories - one about him and two about my dad.

and how the heck you ended up in manhattan kansas?
Oh, it's not a veyr colorful story there: I graduated from UIUC in 1998 and was working there as a research scientist at NCSA. In November and December of 1998, I applied to 65 universities, and of the half dozen who gave me phone interviews, K-State was the best choice. The faculty here wanted me, and there was a better opportunity to start the research program in artificial intelligence, maching learning, and data mining. I declined a couple of on-site interviews because I would have chosen K-State even if they had given me competitive offers.

and yes i will take your left over time on lj ..wink...
Done! Enjoy!

have a happy day!!
You too!

Jun. 14th, 2005 06:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Summer of Scootland
i think scootland,..is probably one pronunciation..how aboot, scutlan,

on d..lol..


delightful, I would like an email, addy to write to you, and i see mom and dad will be there too, which should, be wonderful for them, to see you, and touch you as if you are gone too long then that is missed very much..

i enjoy, what you have to say, and i dont remember telling you or not about my son who is cpk, on lj, a friend of zaimoni, and sutut and friend of zaimoni, my son is in seattle, and i have not seen him, since mother died a year ago this past feb. so i miss him very much, and before that i believe it had been 2 years since i had seen him. he is my only son.
i have a daughter who graduated at Rollins College , Winter Park, Florida. English major, and i think her 2nd was, journalism, i have memory problems, please excuse me...and my son graduated for University of Mo, at Rolla, Missouri. so both are college grads, his was computer science. He is an program analyst, for Amazon.com or was, as is the trade, jobs, are found eveywhere still for him..he is bi/polar manic depressive, and most of the time, since he turned 30 has had a hard time with anything to treat it that allows him to function..but, enuf of that...you are a darling..i am originally from arkansas, northwest arkansas, lived in the area all my life, then moved to hermitage, pa, because this is where my husband is from and his parents were here, and sister, and so on..my husbands father just passed away recently unexpectedly, and the family is still in shock, i am recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and then have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, for over 6 years now, i can't remember. remembering is one of the symptoms, and am just now getting some help for all, i had a horrible winter, and spring and summer were looking kinda bleak until, i started another medicine, prednisone, and i have a little energy again, i had almost given up, but, i won't do that, i just won't,..always, just around the corner, there is opportunity, even in our darkest hour..thank you for being my friend, and again for the lj time, this is most wonderful and i will never forget you for it, ever, and like i said, if you need me call, and keep in touch and i am your cheerleader, lol, and a friend til the end..:-)..will try to read the stories of your mother's father. i guess i will call you sam, as i don't know your given name. but, i am having cognitive problems today, understanding what i read. but, i will keep trying, it is good excersize for me...
thank dear young man,
and please do not be shy..just be yourself, as i am..
mom b. or marcia b.
Jun. 14th, 2005 03:10 pm (UTC)
thank you!!!
and God Bless you..!!!

I really apprecitate what you have done today!! I will never forget you for this..i have made a memory of you in my journal, which is private, and i want to tell you that one as generous and kind, and also, so upbeat and positive, will never fail, and you will never fail in my eyes, young man.

i just wanted you to know that...also, if i had an email, i would love to have correspondence while you are visiting edinburgh, and sort of live vicariously thru your being there, and also, i sincerely hope you got in on your deadline..for the google offer..that was really wonderful for people to work this summer and be paid, and also, use it on their resumes..you go dear...you have a brand new cheerleader..if i can help you in anyway, please do not hesitate to ask..ok..we are friends.:-)
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