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Help needed: Internet programming and web design tutorials

Dear friends,

I would like some help in picking out some web design books and finding online references.

First, can anyone recommend a good set of books on:

  • 1. HTML

    • Introductory book: basics on tags, includes, formatting, standards, browser interoperability, good practices

    • Intermediate book: accessibility and usability

  • 2. CSS

    • Introductory book: colors, styles, backgrounds, scalability

    • Intermediate book: reusability

  • 3. Server-side development

    • Introductory book: forms and PHP programming (Perl/CGI, Python, Ruby and JSP also, either in one volume or multiple ones), configuration tutorial a must, Wiki examples preferred

    • Intermediate book: Online databases, preferably with case studies on how to build whole, functioning portals, grid interfaces, and content management systems, but starting with basics such as dynamic server pages tied to mySQL and postgresql.

  • 4. Web layout and design

    • Introductory book: human-computer interface (HCI) guidelines, case studies

    • Intermediate book: ergonomics and HCI design

  • 5. Web graphics and text

    • Introductory book: image editing packages, fonts, libraries

    • Intermediate book: animation (Flash, GIF also in a single or separate title)

Many thanks in advance!


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