Banazîr the Jedi Hobbit (banazir) wrote,
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The Halcyon Days of USENET

prezzey asked whether anyone still used USENET, and it reminded me that by interweb standards, I'm a USENET oldbie (kindasorta). I caught the tail end of ARPAnet c. 1987, when I started reading and I used to post in rec.arts.books.tolkien and rec.arts.sf.written (and read rec.arts.sf-lovers before that).

I can't say as I've ever used the binary groups much, with the advent of P2P file sharing (Kazaa Lite K++ and BitTorrent/Azureus), but crypthanatopsis has, to apparent good effect.

So, show of hands: who here has been on USENET, and who's still there?

Hey, hey, 16k,

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