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When the net is gone

Firstly and foremostly:

Happy Birthday, dragnflye!

Today, KSU Facilities cut a fiber optic cable on campus, leaving systems in Nichols and parts of several other buildings cut off from the Internet. I couldn't get into Ringil (and this is why my LJ and GJ mood theme icons, among other files, are not loading). I also could not retrieve IMAP mail from CIS or my KDD server (I stopped forwarding mail there, but some people and mailing lists still send messages there). I am also reduced to sending mail from Hotmail again.

The computer outage allowed for a day of blessed relative quiet and a little introspection. Isn't it funny that you are forced to think about what is really going on in your life only when the net is gone?

Use well the days, mellyn nien,

P.S. : I do wish GJ would restore kunzite1's excellent style, kunponent1.
Tags: birthdays, internet outage, introspection, peace and quiet

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