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Mystery, Wiki the Great

Seen with deire - I knew it!

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So, what's your name, Jedi?
I see. What's your affiliation?
Good, good. What's your lightsaber color?
Finally, what's your fighting tactic most likely to be?
The Sith Lord who hunts all Jedi: phawkwood
The Jedi Master who leads you into battle: marcaich
The Leader of the Wookies: pnvtejaswi
The One that dies in the first 20 minutes: noordzee
The Traitor who misleads you all: dragnflye
Survivor #1settlement
Survivor #2dakotamidnight
The odds you'll survive this are:
This Fun Quiz created by Jae at BlogQuiz.Net
Capricorn Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

I have to set up about 4-7 content management systems (CMSes):

I'll put the requirements in an edit, but is anyone familiar with TikiWiki and other Wikis, or things such as PHPNuke, who can recommend platforms?
I have been advised that custom development is the way to got for #3.

BTW, I didn't forget about last week's "computer issues" update - I'm just a little behind. (Laugh it up, fuzzballs!)

In other news: yodge is the Oma Desala of big flying goa'uld cockroaches! (It could happen, I tell ya!)

Tags: cms, cockroaches, computer advice, content management systems, fibr, itr, massforge, nsf, stargate, wiki

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