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Seriously, a little help here? Pretty please?

Another fortnight, another bunch of computer problems.

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Here's a wee bit of an update:

  • 1. Memory card readers: I tried a CF card in the PSC 1350, and nothing happened. I'm not even sure how to print from it.

  • 2. CUPS setup: I haven't had time to delve into this.

  • 3. Stacking Ethernet hubs: After talking with tmehlinger and thekuffs yesterday, I'm almost convinced to go with a 16-port switch. I'd like recommendations, though, especially before I shell out $90 for a wired switch or $150 or more for a wireless/wired combo.

And now, the new problems:

Build me a system worthy of Mordor: a state-of-the-art SMP multimedia rig

So, I went and bought Will Smith's Maximum PC Guide to Building a Dream PC. The multimedia developer system looked like a good template, so I went with it. Then I heard all about the SLI systems, Intel and Athlon dual core, quad-processor systems with hyperthreading, and lo, I began to drool.

My question: how good and how stable a system will I be able to build next February for $6000 USD? I need to have video editing capabilities, a decent amount of RAM (2-4Gb), a fast (10000 rpm) and stable drive such as a Western Digital Raptor (72Gb or larger), and a large IDE data drive (say, 400Gb). Standard DVD and CD burning drives, a good 10/100 NIC, and a "near-top-of-the-line" video card are a must: this is a next-generation desktop visualization workstation, and I think of it as a massforge head node.

Banazir versus the Ecthroi II - A Wind in the Core: X on Debian

So, Dr. Evazan doesn't like me. Debian doesn't like me, either. It has the death penalty in twelve systems. I was careful, and tried all kinds of hocus-pocus to get X-Windows working, but I was not a Jedi yet. Or something. Help?

Vidding on a Shoestring Budget: bargain basement video editor cards and editing software

Speaking of video editing, what's a good card to have?
I'm told that Hauppage cards eat ATI All-in-Wonder cards for breakfast, and that I want PCI and not AGP anyway.
Advice, s'il vous plait?

Thanks very much en avance!

Tags: computer problems, debian, desktop systems, linux, maximum pc, memory cards, networking, printing, video editing, x-windows

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