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It's most unneutral...

Here's the other meme I didn't have time to do.
hathien created it and I got it from Alatar (istari_ala).

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Pride: (7 things you are proud of?)
01. Being able to sing
02. My family (famos and non-famos members)
03. Having achieved a few academic milestones at an early age (high school at 15, M.S. at 19, Ph.D. at 24)
04. Still looking 19-20, according to an undergrad prof I ran into the other day (I don't think it's literally true)
05. Being able to spink Mandarin Chonese without a horrible Merkian-Born Chonese accent, acos a lot of ABCs have fairly awful accents, lah.
06. Being fairly intelligent (includes not having ever having taken harmful drugs)
07. (Shameless plug) Being an alum of Severn, JHU-CS, and UIUC-DCS.

Envy: (7 things/people you are Envious of?)
01. Hashberry (Mia Kalogjera)! As istari_ala said, talent out the wazû.
02. My Padawan learner (Haipeng Guo), acos nothing beats the thrill of the final days before the Ph.D. defense and the feeling of looking out at a limitless horizon of opportunity. I kid yew knot.
03. Eople who are wise behind their ears (Tamf, Graham, Yoj, Barahirion, etc.)
04. Josh Groban, acos who couldn't stand more clarity and timbre in his voice?
05. Alatar, acos she doesn't let the geenkdom permeate her life the waz some *cough*Jedi*cough* floks do.
06. Colin Firth, acos... wlel, yernow.
07. People who go to uni (prolly fro reasons other than Ala's)

Gluttony: (7 things you love to eat?)
01. CHOKLIT, of curse
02. Jade cress, especially with bean curd skin (tofupi) or glodden needle mushrooms (jingzen donggu)
03. Fragrant Thai rice
04. Fried fish samwiches
05. Mojis (glutinous rice desserts filled with sweet bean paste)
06. Soups (hot-and-sour, New England or Manhattan-style clam chowder, cream of mushroom)
07. Diet Mountain Dew (to drking, knot to eat)
Only seven? Wot the trask is a hobbit to do? :-P

Lust: (7 things/people you lust after?)
01. Diamond Mask
02. Big eyes (no, knot like Arielle Huriniel 8-))
03. Love Hewitt - there, I admitted it, hokay? #-)
04. Hm... open-toed sandals, thongs, or transparent jellies
05. Beautiful gardens and vistas
06. Technology, especially gadgets... I am an "early adopter" to say the least
07. -[TSC] mmphblrgphfphbwphbmnrhbpbrblwnbrblcsbrblspbrtsphbmpl [TSC]-
"An eidetic memory" is aslo on this list, but that's also in my Greed list, so I only put it dwon once.

Anger: (7 things or people that make you angry?)
01. Prejudice and bigotry (especially racism, sexism, ageism)
02. Injustice, especially institutional coverups
03. Abusive bullies, especially e-mail flames and people who send them
04. Saboteurs
05. Libel
06. Heartlessness, especially corporate greed
07. Bureaucracy and obstructionism (the "Dilbert Principle")

Greed: (7 things that you are greedy over/for?)
01. Fame
02. Friendship
03. Love
04. Knowledge
05. Memory
06. Travel
07. Time

Sloth: (7 things you hate doing?)
01. Writing business correspondence
02. Debugging code written by other people
03. Getting up before 0800
04. Suppressing laughter
05. Sitting and waiting for my flight (or train, or bus) to arrive or debark
06. Waiting for people to wake up so I can call, IM, or e-mail them
07. Answering redundant or bureaucratic e-mail queries
I was going to say "running more than 2km in a day or walking more than 5km in a day", but I'm not 100% sure I've done either, except for a 6km hike I took near Lake Tahoe once.


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