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Oh, man, what a day II

At 09:30, I was there in Rathbone again for Praveen's postponed defense. It got postponed a tad bit longer, as he needed to reprint some things, but between 10:00 and 11:00 he got through with about 80% of his presentation. I have a few comments to send him yet.

We had a technical meetings all day about the toy and medical domains. zurich31's toy project is taking shape. It's certainly looking pretty cool since the last time I had a good look at it in June, 2003. I could tell you more, but then I'd have to kill youhe'd have to sue me.

We took lunch at the K-State Union, opting for Market Carvery (in my case, because the counter that was made by Melkor in cruel mockery of a gyros sandwich stand, where the staff dress as referees, was closed and I didn't fancy a peanut oil and chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A). Mashed potatoes and butter-sauteed fish. Light, but satisfying. Brett DePaola spotted me with zurich31 and zengeneral and tried to convince me to get a bicycle. I'm actually tempted to get a recumbent for the aerobic exercise. I will not be buying zengeneral's 2-speed, so anybody who was waiting for zee entertaintment, sorry to disappoint!

Lecture went very well today. zurich31 says I explained self-organizing maps, dimensionality-reducing transforms, and competitive clustering uniquely well, which gave me that warm, fuzzy glow. Nothing makes a professor feel that he's doing a good job as much as the acclaim of a former classmate (or teacher).

Pre-Award. Gah. Ugh, ugh, ugh. They had sent me the only original, and the lady who did so has a locked computer they can't get into until she gets back. While zurich31 walked back from Fairchild, where zengeneral had escorted him to sign the document, banazir sharpened his bat'letlh and prepared to go mushroom-hunting.

Hobbity indulgence continues. Banamum, zurich31, and I ordered the "hottest possible edition" of the orange chicken and hot pepper shrimp. zengeneral pronounced us "food masochists", but listen: if it doesn't burn a few layers off going down, it's just food, not cuisine.

Y'know, I have to say, Happy Valley is a decent restaurant. There are a few oddities, but the taste is pretty authentic. Next time zurich31's in town, though, we should get hot pot here and go to Royal Thai Cuisine.

Back at 20:15, I am puttering about.

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