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Vision Dome photos from last Saturday

Click on one of the cuts below to view the photos, then on each individual photo to see its full-size version.

neonpainter presenting the 3-meter dome before starting the "virtual roller coaster" demo:
Image hosted by

zurich31, dextertech, and darana in front of the dome before the demo (flash photograph):
Image hosted by

More photos are up in massforge.

So, it seems the faux geek won out - for all his Sun Tzu-spouting, it came down to facts about their partners. Wow, surprise of all surprises, the pre-med won a contest of memory. I do have to give props to Richard for figuring out that that would be the challenge. So close! 8 to 8, 9 to 9 in a tie-breaker, and sudden death in overtime on the twelfth question.

Caitilin impressed me with her general ability. She seems to be a wellspring of hidden talent. Speaking of which, Richard Rubin is right: Mindy's brilliant! And is she the cutest or what?

I have to say, both Richard and Chuck displayed some unexpected latent traits. Not Rirchard's piano virtuousity; I could have guessed that. That Chuck does seem to have more than a passing faddish acquaintance with Eastern philosophy and that Richard obviously has more versatility up his sleeve than his one-dimensional performances suggest: those were interesting revelations.

Speaking of performances: Does anyone know what the deal is with Richard? Is he really a plant (an actor sent in to stir up the waters)? That seems a bit contrived if he ended up in four elimination rounds. Mindy didn't seem to have any idea of it, unless she was in on the ruse - which is a distinct possibility.

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