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TEUNC Caht: The One With The Consumption

By some coinkydink, istari_ala and I both prepared TEUNC IRC highlight reels todaz:

The One With The Consumption
Or, The SARSness of King George

Sat 24 May 2003


Bill (Banazir): WyattUrp, Bill
Stefan (Pradera): Euro
Graham (Gondhir): Arador, Doc_Holliday, MrClean, Ted, Shelob, Helob
Mia (Hashberry): Bonnie
Nicole: chrisiant
Warren (Varnast): Clyde, Mahal

[13:24] <Banazir>

[15:26] <euro> lol tatu kiss was replaced by dragonball footage? heh somebuddy got screwed priorities

[18:14] * Arador is now known as Doc_Holliday
[18:14] * Banazir is now known as WyattUrp
[18:14] <WyattUrp> Get outta Dodge!
[18:14] * Doc_Holliday hacks up a lung...
[18:14] <THE_softrat> Out a Dodge; into Chevrolet!
[18:16] <WyattUrp> Consumption == TB
[18:17] <WyattUrp> Claimed... lessee... Keats
[18:17] <WyattUrp> Doc Holliday
[18:17] <WyattUrp> Stephen Crane
[18:17] <THE_softrat> You just don;'t want Doc Holliday to plug a filling.
[18:18] * Doc_Holliday will plug it... with lead!
[18:18] <WyattUrp> Lal deead afore 30
[18:18] <Doc_Holliday> *cough*
[18:18] <Doc_Holliday> *hack*
[18:18] <THE_softrat> BLAM! That tooth will never bother you again, ma'am.
[18:18] * WyattUrp turns on his lightsabre
[18:18] <WyattUrp> Here we go!
[18:18] <WyattUrp> Fzzzzzhhhrrrrtt!
[18:19] <WyattUrp> Lal done
[18:19] <WyattUrp> Show us your smile!
[18:19] <Doc_Holliday> Wyatt Urp had a lightsabre?
[18:19] <Bonnie> Like, duh.
[18:19] <THE_softrat> Nop.e
[18:19] <WyattUrp> You never heard of the Showdwon at the Hokay Corral?
[18:19] <THE_softrat> It was kinda heavy.
[18:20] <WyattUrp> Marshals vs. Nazgul?
[18:20] <THE_softrat> Yeah: CHekov was in it!
[18:20] <WyattUrp> Anton Chekov?
[18:20] <Doc_Holliday> The Beginning of the End of the Sith Lords?
[18:20] <WyattUrp> Wotch Tombstone, it's gret
[18:20] * Doc_Holliday saw it a week or two ago, cahtually. ;)

[18:41] <Banazir> Horvatic, hor
[18:43] <Matthew> Eep, I see those Singaporese words have been dutifully assimilated.
[18:43] <Bonnie> Lah!
[18:43] <Bonnie> What words, ma?
[18:44] <Bonnie> 'ma' here means 'oh, give me a break'
[18:44] <Banazir> Assimilated, lah.
[18:44] <Matthew> *sigh*
[18:44] <Bonnie> Ah tak lah!
[18:45] <Bonnie> Anyone read "Desperation" by Steven King?
[18:45] <Banazir>
[18:45] <Bonnie> The Singaporese sounds very much like dead talk.
[18:45] <Bonnie> in that book
[18:45] <Banazir> Deead?
[18:45] <Bonnie> Language ofthe dead, yes
[18:45] <Banazir> Sinteresting
[18:46] <Bonnie> Ah tak lah, pa tak ha nah. Something like that
[18:46] <Banazir> Taht sounds like deead eople?
[18:46] <Banazir> Or just Bruce Willis?
[18:46] <Mahal> Bruce Willis is Sporean?
[18:47] <Banazir> "Yipiaiye, lah, M-----F----"
[18:47] <Mahal> Indeed...

[18:52] * Bonnie gives Bill a lellow pill.
[18:52] <Banazir> Wot's the alternative?
[18:53] <Bonnie> Ecru.
[18:53] <Banazir> And wot will aye bereave with the ecru pill?
[18:53] <Mahal> Whatever you want to believe...
[18:53] * Banazir takes the lellow pill
[18:53] <Bonnie> Lots of tasty omelette.
[18:54] <Bonnie> (is he deeeeeeeeeeeead yet? can we take his wallet?)
[18:54] <Banazir> Woah.
[18:54] <Banazir> Hit me.
[18:54] <Banazir> Ma'am.
[18:54] <Banazir> Excellent!
[18:54] <Bonnie> LOLOL
[18:55] * Banazir changes topic to 'Neatu-Keanu'
[18:55] * Bonnie is ROFLOLING at the burst of Keanuspeak.
[18:55] <Banazir> Was taht a Speed pill?
[18:55] <Mahal> You can jump from the top of one tall building now to another, Ban. No, really...
[18:56] <Bonnie> It was a Nike pill.
[18:56] * Banazir assumes a fighting position and beckons to Mahal
[18:56] <Bonnie> Vrooom!
[18:56] * Banazir plays air guitar while waiting
[18:57] * Mahal is now known as MrClean
[18:57] <MrClean> Now hit me. If you can.
[18:58] <Banazir> Hit or hit not. There is no try.
[18:58] * Banazir hits MrClean
[18:58] <MrClean> No you didn't. You only thought you did.
[18:59] * Banazir spits blud
[18:59] * Banazir snarls to show orf his clean white teeth
[18:59] <Banazir> We need gnus
[18:59] <Bonnie> Lotsa gnus!
[18:59] <Banazir> We need CHOKLIT
[18:59] * Bonnie gives you her pistols
[18:59] <Banazir> *whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossssshhhh*
[19:00] <Bonnie> Bitchin'!
[19:00] <Banazir> EXcelleeeent!
[19:00] * Banazir is now known as Bill
[19:00] * MrClean is now known as Ted
[19:00] * Bill launches into another air guitar riff
[19:00] <Ted> DUDE!
[19:00] <Bill> Duuuuude!

[19:29] <Denise> Mia, there is a series of commercials for pork that calls pork "the other white meat"
[19:29] <Denise> (First white meat is chicken.)
[19:29] <Bonnie> OK.
[19:29] <Banazir> I thot it was snake
[19:29] <chrisiant> I thought it was fish.
[19:30] <Ted> I thought it was Elves.
[19:30] <Banazir> LOL
[19:30] <chrisiant> Honest to Jesus.
[19:30] <chrisiant> What?
[19:30] <Banazir> Elves!

[19:50] <Bonnie> you mean the world ended and we didn't know?
[19:50] <chrisiant> Tuesday.
[19:50] <Banazir> Wouldn't that just be liek TEUNC?
[19:51] <chrisiant> Buut tehy are going to show it again for tohse who missed it the frist time.
[19:51] <Banazir> Second Coming of Christ during caht and the only response is a lont of pinging of the suddenly quiet eople #-)
[19:51] <chrisiant> LOL!
[19:52] <Banazir> Dknot credit me, thnak the author of Left Behind XXVIII
[19:52] <Bonnie> lollo
[19:52] <Bonnie> The Final Ping.

[20:09] <Banazir> Oh, I love this intro to "Persuasion"
[20:09] <Banazir> "This is prolly Jane Austen's weakest work.
[20:10] <Banazir> She was sick with leukemia at the time...
[20:10] <Banazir> ... and couldn't be bothered to edit properly.
[20:10] <Banazir> The characters are shockingly nasty."
[20:10] <chrisiant> She had leukemia? I didn't know that.
[20:10] <Bonnie> Who wrote that?
[20:10] <Banazir> She died of an unspecified malaise that people suspect was cancer
[20:11] <Banazir> Acos she was in her early 40s IIRC
[20:11] <Banazir> Gnught
[20:11] <chrisiant> Huh. I thought it was TB.
[20:11] <Banazir> Who wrote taht? Sec...
[20:12] <Banazir> Richard Church of the Folio Society
[20:12] <Ted> consumption.
[20:12] <Ted> *hack*
[20:12] <Ted> *cough*
[20:12] <Banazir> Really? Again with the consumption?
[20:12] * Ted hacks up Jane Austen's lung.
[20:12] <chrisiant> Yeah..then with the night sweats and coughing up bloond. Yech.
[20:12] <Ted> Now how'd that get in there...
[20:12] <Banazir> !
[20:12] <chrisiant> Eeew.
[20:13] <Banazir> Addison's Disease
[20:13] <Banazir> Like TB, but affects kidneys
[20:13] <Bonnie> Jeez I tread that as "Richard <something> of the Folio Church" and think "What?"
[20:13] <chrisiant> Ew..
[20:14] * Ted hacks up... a kidney?
[20:14] <Banazir>
[20:15] * Denise offers to call an ambulance for Graham
[20:15] <Banazir> And I read that as "jablog.htm"

[20:31] * Shelob eats Banazir again and crams him deep down in the impervious part of his stomach, where he keeps the Silmarils.
[20:31] <Banazir> He?
[20:31] * Banazir is stunned at this news
[20:31] <Shelob> Yes, he.
[20:32] * Banazir installs the Silmarils in his lightsabre and cuts his waz out with the superpowered blade
[20:32] <Banazir> Lawa!
[20:32] <Banazir> Serves yew wright fro eating Silmarils!
[20:32] <Shelob> But... they tasted so *good*!
[20:33] * Banazir drops two Silmarils as a distraction to Shelob and runs away with the third
[20:33] * Shelob is now known as Helob
[20:33] <Banazir> Lessons learned from the lay of Leithan
[20:34] <Banazir> 1. Don't challenge Sauron to "Beleriandic Idol"
[20:34] <Banazir> 2. Dknot hold Silmarils out in front of big bad
[20:34] <Banazir> 3. Elf hair is plenty strong enerf to use as a ladder
[20:34] <Helob> Luthien won that Beleriandic Idol ep, IIRC.
[20:35] <Banazir> Luthien only put the judges to sleep!


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