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Windows: backups from 2000/XP, and Longhorn expectations

Can anyone recommend some good software for taking full and incremental backups from a notebook computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP?

I just got through a manual full backup of Numerramar - about 15Gb of files in 8 big 1.5-2Gb pieces, plus sundry large AVIs.

BTW: I've been hearing a lot and reading a little about WinFS, the new file system of Windows Longhorn, and what little has been put out about WinFX. It all looks interesting and promising, but not having laid my hands on any developer tools yet, it's hard for me to formulate a complete opinion. Have any of you done either (looked at dev tools or formed an opinion)?

(The reasons for my backups are left as an exercise for the reader...)

Tags: backups, development, microsoft, win2k, windows longhorn, winfs, winfx, winxp

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