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Dun Edin is about to be teunced upon!

Dun Edain or bust! Who's in?
twinbee, you'll be missed...
[16:38:04] banazir: Coonking ADN teunceing!
[16:38:08] banazir: Dknot brun yerelf!
[16:42:37] banazir: I want more eople for EdinMoont!!
[16:45:38] Tripitaka: I have to cook more eople for you?
[16:45:45] Tripitaka: Oh, you harsh taskmaster of an ogre!
[16:45:46] banazir: lol
[16:45:47] banazir: Nooooo
[16:45:56] banazir: Coonk FOR them!
[16:45:58] Tripitaka: Wot?
[16:46:03] Tripitaka: Isn't this EttinMoont?
[16:46:08] banazir: Make them come to Dun Edain!
[16:46:11] banazir: I mean, Dun Edin
[16:46:23] banazir: Wat Edwin
[16:46:33] banazir: Amon Edain
[16:46:36] Tripitaka: Dun Etten, the fortress of Giants
[16:46:41] banazir: It dknot amount to a hill of beings!
[16:46:50] Tripitaka: Human beans!
[16:51:42] banazir:
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: How we roared and brawled in Scotland
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: Not a law was e'er obeyed
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: And when wooing called in Scotland
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: We'd grab any pasing maid
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: Ah, my heart is still in Scotland
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: Where the lasses woo the best
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: On some bonny hill in Scotland
[16:55:22] Tripitaka: Stroking someone's bonny...
[16:56:08] Tripitaka: [From _Camelot_]
[16:56:50] Tripitaka: Scots wha hae wi Wallace bled
[16:57:05] Tripitaka: Scots wham Bruce has aften led
[16:57:14] Tripitaka: Welcome to your gory bed

He teunces wild, and far, and free,
Ten times the bard I'll ever be.

Tags: scheduling, teuncmoot

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