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Day 7: Metabloggery

UK Trip 2005: A Tronkie Travellogue
Day 7: Edinburgh, Scotland (IJCAI Workshops)

A print of a rustic scene by Van Gogh on the wall of our hostel.

That went really well!

The last presentation of the Multi-Agent Information Retrieval (MAIR) workshop at IJCAI-2005 was by the chair, Esma Aimeur, on JukeBlog, which is, to the author's knowledge, the first recommender system for blogs.1 JukeBlog recommends music based on music blog posts.

Featured were Sebastian Paquet's blog and reciprocal links to Tofu Hut and the blog of The Largehearted Boy.

Now, why didn't I think of this? Oh, that's right, I did! Something similar, that is - but you'll have to wait until at least AAAI/IAAI-2006 in Boston next year for it.

1 As you can see here, this isn't really the first blog entry on blog-based collaborative recommendation: plenty of bloggers have already written to recommend JukeBlog itself! I'd like to recommend the paper, though.

Also, if you are interested in research on CR, particularly application to blogs and social networks, Paolo Massa is working on a dissertation in the area.

Tags: bnj, collaborative filtering, conferences, edinburgh, ijcai, information retrieval, multi-agent systems, presentations, research, scotland, travel, travellogue, uk

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