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UK Trip 2005: A Tronkie Travellogue

And there you have it: the compleat travellogue of my trip to London and Edinburgh. Here's an index for your convenience. Comments appreciated!

Day 0 (Sun 24 Jul 2005): Manhattan, Kansas, USA to London, UK
Day 1 (Mon 25 Jul 2005): London to Edinburgh
Day 2 (Tue 26 Jul 2005): First full day in Edinburgh and first day of the UAI conference
Day 3 (Wed 27 Jul 2005): Bus tour of the city (with photos) and second day of the UAI conference
Day 4 (Thu 28 Jul 2005): Third day of UAI; pics of the youth hostel and a couple of stories about the banquet and Banadad's mysterious disappearance
Day 5 (Fri 29 Jul 2005): Fourth and last day of UAI; pics of the conference venue (University of Edinburgh) and the new hostel
Day 6 (Sat 30 Jul 2005): Trip to Edinburgh Castle
Day 7 (Sun 31 Jul 2005): Day of the workshop in which I presented and published a paper
Day 8 (Mon 01 Aug 2005): Photos from our bus tour of the Scottish highlands and Loch Ness
Day 9 (Tue 02 Aug 2005): First day of technical talks at IJCAI: sproglets and bayesnets; British food
Day 10 (Wed 03 Aug 2005): Second day of technical talks at IJCAI: learning from Warcraft; catching up with old friends; the goond and bad of British telly
Day 11 (Thu 04 Aug 2005): Third day of technical talks at IJCAI: many photos of the city and a banazir story
Day 12 (Fri 05 Aug 2005): Fourth day of technical talks at IJCAI: leaving Edinburgh; London cabbies; The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Day 13 (Sat 06 Aug 2005): London, UK to Manhattan, Kansas, USA, with a funny pic and some airports; Madagascar, The Upside of Anger, Numb3rs

Tags: conferences, edinburgh, england, london, scotland, travel, travellogue, travellogues, uk

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