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Scotch-tasting: every flavor, redux

At full strength, the aroma is reminiscent of syrup pudding and madeira cake smothered in lemon curd and a dusting of spices. Addition of water releases a softer sponge cake mixture with raisins, sultanas, vanilla cream, and lemon peel. Throughout there is a home baking aroma emanating from the mixture of toasted oak tannins and syrupy sweet aromas.
    -Collector's notecard for Glenmorangie Sauternes Wood Finish (15 years old)

Which is as much to say: "Enough scotch, and you'll think you're in a bakery." But where do they get these flavors? Scotch is subtle, but it takes quite a thorough palate, memory, and imagination to pick up all of that. They could as well have said:
At full strength the aroma evokes Bott's Every-Flavor Beans and a hint of Chocolate Frogs. Addition of water releases the taste of a bludger to the head.

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