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Teunce Liek An Egyptian...

The wrest of the TEUNCmusiks:

Myng (Rabbyt-daughter) - "Cornflake Girl", Tori Amos [also considered: "Miss Independent", Kelly Clarkson]
Joshua - "Blue", Eiffel 65
Magenta "Danger" Divine (Auggie reborn) - "I Want You", SavageGarden
Jon - "My Little Lady", Tremeloes
Banazîr - I have no idea! Hayulp! [considered: "Pretty Fly For A Jedi", NOT Weird Al; "Snowball", Jimmy Fallon]

Sir Confused-A-Lot - "Dazed and Confused", Led Zeppelin
Menelvagor - "Burn Me Down", Marty Stuart [also considered: "Flood", Jars of Clay]
Meneldil - "Keep The Fire Burning", REO Speedwagon [also considered: "Tall, Tall Trees", Alan Jackson; "She Keeps The Home Fires Burning", Ronnie Milsap]
Morgil - "Still Not Black Enough", WASP [also considered: "Argue", Matchbox Twenty]
Captain Vegetable - "Call Any Vegetable", Frank Zappa [also considered: "Vegetable Man", Pink Floyd]
Dlanod - "Back In The Saddle", Aerosmith
Arwen - "Horse With No Name", America
Laurie C. - "When You Say Nothing At All", Alison Krauss (by Keith Whitley)
Mirabella - "My Grandma and Your Grandma", Iko Iko
DragnFlye - "Small Town Saturday Night", Hal Ketchum
Celaeno - "Chrome", Trace Adkins
Sean - "Walking Tall", Lyle Lovett [also considered: "Pieces of You", Jewel]
Tripitaka - "Blue Monk", Thelonious Monk
Pradera - "The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General", Gilbert and Sullivan
Yoj - "Joy Like A River", James Bignon and The Deliverance Mass Choir [also considered: "Youth Of The Nation", P.O.D.]
Demosthenes - "One More Cup Of Coffee", Robert Plant
Ermanna - "The Hamster Dance Song", Hampton the Hamster [also considered: "Fighter", Christina Aguilera; "Heaven, I Need A Hug", R. Kelly]
Denise - "Lipstick Promises", George Ducas
Bagronk - "Penguins", Lyle Lovett [also considered: "Hard Workin' Man", Brooks and Dunn]
Lisa - "Digging Up Bones", Randy Travis
Bernard El-Hagin - "I'm In Love With An Ostrich", Scooby Songs
Nicole - "As Long As You Follow", Fleetwood Mac [also considered: "Sparkle", Aretha Franklin]


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