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The Roundly One: Googlism meme

Seen with many people whose entries I can't find any more...

What is Bill?

bill is bully on ims (am not)
bill is just (word)
bill is watching you (!)
bill is published (yes I am)
bill is even worse (than?)
bill is likely (I'm even probable)
bill is a $200 billion (w00t!)
bill is ruinous during wartime (well of course; I'm Famine)
bill is 'flawed' (hey!)
bill is finally with us (lollo, anyone who cahts with me knows this)
bill is a misguided assault on basic (there's no such thing as a misguided assault on BASIC!)
bill is back (yep!)
bill is the answer (yes)
bill is coming (ph33r me, d00dz)
bill is our bosnia (lol, huh?)
bill is too big (I'm a hobbit! how can I be too big?)
bill is one expensive civics lesson (and don't you forget it)
bill is `good approach' (indeed)
bill is only the beginning (IOW, I am your death!)
bill is too lenient (mm, sometimes)
bill is prepared now (always)
bill is a good bill (rofl)
bill is criminally negligent politics (grr)
bill is the national sierra club's top priority (that makes me sound liek an Ent!)
bill is stronger (that which does not kill me...)
bill is deeply disappointing (aww)
bill is 'misleading' (heyyy)
bill is roundly (LOL, that's the best description of a hobbit I've ever heard! "roundly"!)
bill is now law (I AM THE LAW!)
bill is what producers need (that's right)
bill is not enough (hrm)
bill is a sure sign of industry lobbying (because...?)
bill is cause for concern (word up!)
bill is down (aww...)
bill is a disaster (bwaha!)
bill is sound (and complete!)
bill is passed (and who was it who said I cannot pass?)
bill is rotten to the core (woah! how libelous!)
bill is "bush lite" (LIES! FLAMES! TROLLS! FLIMFLAM!)
bill is watching you amateur thought police monitor war critics (I dunno wot that means, but it sounds good)
bill is getting too high (gnarly, duuuude...)
bill is just smarter (mm-hmm.)
bill is a nightmare (bwahahaha...)
bill is not what they say (you see?)
bill is likely to fail (bha!)
bill is a $200 billion disaster (oy!)
bill is getting nowhere (*sbo*)
bill is being ganged up on because he is a producer (you see?!)
bill is a misguided assault on basic freedoms (am not!)
bill is worse than you've heard (this must be a chef who got a bad review!)
bill is put on fast (wha?)
bill is a windfall for corporations but a pittance for workers (how... Kapitalistic)
bill is anti (anti-nothing? yes I am!)
bill is calculated (by?)
bill is a phony cure for what ails patients in hmos (LOL, aw)
bill is the wrong rx for medicare (sez who?)
bill is (I am that I am?)
bill is too large for a credit card (I don't want to know)
bill is law (for behold!)
bill is no easy task (hey! I resemble that memark!)
bill is pretty frisky today (today?!)
bill is stalled (never!)
bill is farmers' best option (preach it, brothah!)
bill is past due (better than expired!)
bill is set at $34 (how cheap!)
bill is technology neutral (LOL, yes.)
bill is bound for the senate floor (IRTA "bill is bound on the senate floor")
bill is stronger marriages (I strengthen mawwiages!)
bill is roundly criticized (I liked "roundly" better)
bill is here (I am!)
bill is returned to the legislator for introduction (so introduce me!)
bill is picking up penguins (YES!!! Meep!)

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