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Computer questions: back from July hiatus

Well! It's been over five weeks since you last heard my pleas for computer help.
That's because I've been clear across the pond, where there be no tribble at all!
(Only what I took with me, anyhow, and that was a nice, stable Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook.)

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Here's my fortnightly update:

And now, the new questions:

The Incredible Disappearing Hard Drive

Rusty, the 200Gb internal IDE drive in Laurelin, one of my COMPAQ Presario SR10101NX systems, disappears once every 2-3 reboots. The BIOS startup screen reports an IDE drive detection error when this happens. The drive is a Maxtor 6Y200P0 that I bought in January. It is less than half full, and I have not had any cluster errors.

Could this be the controller? What should I do to diagnose the problem?

Burn, baby, burn: bootable CD images in Nero

How exactly does one burn bootable images in Nero Burning ROM?
Whenever I try to, it asks me for a bootable floppy. I'm trying to make a bootable Ubuntu CD.

Using the card readers in an inkjet printer

My HP PSC1350 All-in-One color inkjet copier/printer/scanner has several card readers: SDRAM, CompactFlash, and a couple of others that may be for the Sony MemoryStick and such. Does anyone know whether these can be used to mount the cards as external drives? Or can they only be printed from?

Thanks very much, as always!

Tags: cd burning, computer problems, computer questions, hard drives, hd controllers

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