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"Do not be concerned about your problems with mathematics," wrote Albert Einstein, "I can assure you that mine are greater."

Indeed. We had a migration last Thursday (department server imap.cis.ksu.edu/smtp.cis.ksu.edu to campus server imap.ksu.edu/smtp.ksu.edu), and while it was hotly anticipated, it's been nothing but headaches and hassle for me so far.

For one thing, I never used the address bhsu[AT]ksu.edu, so when the migration happened, a receivership that formerly forwarded mail to my own server, ringil.cis.ksu.edu, got clobbered.

More immediately, nobody supports Outlook Express because of its outdated SSL. I know what you're probably thinking: banazir uses that piece of crap? Well, try installing Thunderbird on all your family's Windows boxes everywhere you go. (And I mean everywhere! I have family in: Ames, Iowa; Rochester, New York; and now Mountain View, California.) Also, I have hsuwh and other Hotmail addresses that were grandfathered in with free http mail, and that's been more stable than SMTP for the last 9 months, to give you an idea! Just as the problem with Scotland is that it's full of Scots, the problem with Hotmail is that it's full of mail: if once you start down the dark path of sending mail from Hotmail, forever will you receive replies there. For a long time, anyhow.

Right now my problem is that all of Yahoo! Groups are now bouncing because the mailing lists on www.kddresearch.org (which is registered on our Computing and Network Services DNS as ringil.cis.ksu.edu) are not getting through. In fact, no mail servers in *.cis.ksu.edu are getting through. (I'm not sure there were any mail servers or list servers besides the department's and mine in this domain, and I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't.)

Grr, argh, as Joss's Torog-Hans say.

Ad astra per aspera,


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Aug. 19th, 2005 09:21 am (UTC)
why haven't you moved to something like horde or squirrelmail (web interfaces for pop/imap)?

i use a combination of thunderbird + squirrelmail -- my email is pop/imap, so i pop it on thunderbird on my laptop, and imap it on squirrelmail when i'm away.
Aug. 19th, 2005 08:24 pm (UTC)
Web interfaces for POP and IMAP
Ugh, web.
POP! Ugh, ugh, ugh.

My problems with web and POP are simple:

1. You get 1200-2000 e-mails per week, 80-90% of them spam, and you don't want to be downloading full message bodies to your HD.

2. Just to give you an idea how often I find the time to empty out my Inbox: I don't. Every semester I mv /var/mail/bhsu /home/bhsu/bhsu-[Season]-[Year]. It's typically a file between 250Mb and 500Mb in size, with 30000 messages in it, give or take 5K. (Since we are on a semester system, there are usually 3 files: Summer, Fall, and Spring, so that makes about 80K - 100K messages per year, after heavy procmail-based filtering of spam and viruses.) When it's far over 300Mb, my Inbox sometimes chokes NFS when I try to move it, so I have to do as I do with my ISOs and zip files of 1-2Gb size, and SCP it.

3. Looking at 20, or 50, or 100 messages on one screen is completely a non-starter for me. It takes about 9-12 hours to get 100 mails.

I hope that the migration will improve spam filtering to the point where my mail will fit (zipped) onto one 700Mb CD-R per year again, but unfortunately, I think those days are gone. We'll see how long I can stay on 1 DVD-R per 1-2 years.

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