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Tears of A Jedi Hobbit

*snif* )-;
First andrewwyld psots his heartbreaking Lay of Lost Struff, then Bagronk and Gwaham trask me with their tales of cwuel molecular biology doinks (mia culpa, mia maxima copula).
Waaaaaah! *sbo*

In other news: Our Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) officially started yesterday (Tue 27 May 2003). The Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program(SUROP) program had its orientation in the morning, and then the REU project leader, Dr. Jan Leach, met the students in the afternoon; today's orientation was a review of safety standards and wet lab procedures. Tomorrow I'm going over to give a tutorial to all the students (3 biology, 1 CS, 1 math, and 1 MIS). My summer short course on data mining (CIS 690), which has a bioinformatics emphasis this year, has actually been in session for over a week now, but three of my grads (two Ph.D. and on M.S./Ph.D.) played my canned lectures and covered labs while I met with TEUNCsNSF (no, really, both; NSF from 0800-1800 and TEUNC after hours).


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