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TEUNC Caht: The One With The Nerdanelism

[13:55] <Banazir> It's Mememorial Daz here
[13:55] * Sean steals a Memorial to celebrate
[14:02] * THE_softrat memorializes Uncle Bunky
[14:02] <THE_softrat> Killed in the Battle of the Coral Sea
[14:04] <THE_softrat> Uncle Bunky is my only relative to die in war in 100 years.
[14:04] <THE_softrat> The rest stayed smartly under the tbles,
[14:05] <Banazir> Mine served but knot in wartime
[14:05] <Banazir> They got shot at as civilians
[14:05] <Banazir> By the commies
[14:05] <Banazir> And by the Japanese
[14:05] <Sean> damn commies
[14:05] <Banazir> Wlokay, bombed
[14:05] <THE_softrat> Naaah. By the British. They were IRA.
[14:06] <Banazir> With bioweapons
[14:06] <Banazir> My relatives were IRA?
[14:06] <Sean> mine were
[14:06] <THE_softrat> Sha2m, you fool!
[14:06] * Banazir puts on a "kiss me, I'm Irish" button
[14:07] <Banazir> I have some of this lemon juice left!
[14:07] <Banazir> Heyas, Morgil
[14:07] <Sean> Hi Pimes
[14:07] <THE_softrat> Lemon Juice is your bioweapon?
[14:08] <Banazir> Hrmph!
[14:08] * Banazir give Softy another paper ciut
[14:08] * Banazir loads a super-soaker with lemong juice
[14:08] * Banazir spways the Softrat
[14:08] <THE_softrat> Is 'lemong' an Asian version?
[14:09] <Banazir> No, it's fro war-mongers
[14:09] * Banazir hands Softy a glass of lemongnade
[14:09] <THE_softrat> If's Fwensh! 'le mong'!
[14:09] <Banazir> That's wright, but shouldn't yew saz "fweedom"?
[14:10] <THE_softrat> Liberte, Egalite, and that other stuff!
[14:10] <THE_softrat> Especialliy with Fwesh WOMENS!
[14:11] <THE_softrat> Ooo-la-la!
[14:11] <Banazir> Fraternite?
[14:11] <Pimeestara> You're now taking liberties with fwench coucettes??
[14:11] <THE_softrat> Oui!
[14:11] <Banazir> Fwaternizing with zee enemee?
[14:11] <Pimeestara> must be... liberating.

[14:11] * Tralala has joined #teunc
[14:12] <Tralala> Bana!! You'r ein a caht!
[14:12] <Banazir> I'm here
[14:12] <Banazir> In a caht
[14:13] * Banazir loonks out fro SARS viruses
[14:17] * Tralala throws bricks at the lj servers
[14:17] * Banazir gives Tralala a Neskimo harpoon to throw
[14:18] <Tralala> I don't want your fetish divices, hoppit!
[14:19] <Banazir> It's knot a fetish device!
[14:19] <Tralala> it is whith yew

[14:48] * Gondhir howdies.
[14:49] <THE_softrat> Welcome back to June Gloom here in May!
[14:49] <THE_softrat> C'mon over and we put your head in the dryer and throw sand in your face.
[14:50] <Gondhir> Awwww.... would you?
[14:50] <THE_softrat> Sure!
[14:50] <Banazir> Homesick fro the desert raleady?
[14:50] <THE_softrat> He left his camel's behind.
[14:50] <Banazir> Let's take a field twip to Arrakis!
[14:50] <Gondhir> It's so *cold* here!
[14:50] <Gondhir> I can't get over it...
[14:51] <THE_softrat> The Harhonnennennens are DEAD!
[14:51] <Banazir> Houhynhym?
[14:51] <Pimeestara> hey! no spoilers!
[14:51] <Banazir> Baron Vladimir Houhynhym?
[14:51] <THE_softrat> Harkonnen
[14:51] <THE_softrat> Yeah, Heee!
[14:51] <Gondhir> All the vampires die.
[14:51] <Pimeestara> I may yet read it someday...
[14:51] <Banazir> Fey Rogga Houhynhym?
[14:52] <THE_softrat> Oh, darn! You ruint the okit!
[14:52] <THE_softrat> plot
[14:52] <Banazir> Yew haven't read Dune, Morgil?!
[14:52] <Pimeestara> okit?
[14:52] * Banazir teunces on the Elf's heead
[14:52] <Gondhir> Then, having no more purpose in life, Buffy slays herself. It's quite a moving scene. Reminiscent of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
[14:52] <Banazir> Read read read!
[14:52] <THE_softrat> It's been Dune!

(istari_ala's timeshare)
[14:49] <Tralala> lal I could think to fit is eViol Vampire Willow
[14:50] <Tralala> I didn't think I have nay other near 1/3
[14:51] <Banazir> I thought yew had 1/3 in Spike
[14:52] <Tralala> nowayyy, 50% !
[14:53] <Tralala> what's morwen been telling you!?!
[14:53] <Banazir> 50% in Spike? Morwen's the only other TEUNC owner?
[14:53] <Banazir> I thought there was a third
[14:53] <Gondhir> Lalways 2 there are.
[14:53] <Banazir> Cel or Arwen or somebuddy
[14:53] <Tralala> no way, we ain't sharing!
[14:53] <Banazir> A mistwess and appertnice, Graham?
[14:54] <Gondhir> Mistwess and snaga.
[14:54] <Banazir> Ooh! Sith duel over William the Bluddy!
[14:54] <Tralala> You're eithe rmixing him up with Wilow or Keanu or Samwise
[14:54] <Banazir> Nobuddy timeshares Samwise!
[14:55] <Gondhir> You have timeshares on Banazir?
[14:55] <Banazir> GARDENING only
[14:56] <Gondhir> Oh... So *that*'s what you call it...
[14:56] <Gondhir> "Gardening"
[14:56] <Banazir> O fro trask's sake
[14:56] <Gondhir> "Trimming around the hedges"
[14:56] <Banazir> Last 5, Gillo
[14:56] <Banazir> !
[14:56] <Tralala> yis, 2 afternoon a eek he gardens fro me
[14:57] <Gondhir> "Eavesdropping"
[14:57] <Banazir> -[TSC] i dknot know naz more than yew do aboat taht [TSC]-
[14:57] <Banazir> Dknot do me naything!
[14:57] <Tralala> I have him Tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays
[14:57] <Banazir> I'm natural!

[14:59] <Gondhir> What is this gnu devilry?
[14:59] <Banazir> TEUNCmusik!
[15:00] <Pimeestara> Okay, it was a tough race...
[15:00] <Pimeestara> 2nd runner-up: "I'm Broken", Pantera.
[15:00] <Gondhir> Ah, I do (vaguely) and I memember knot being sure why...
[15:00] <Banazir> Borken?
[15:00] <Banazir> "They thried to get me in the Army / They thrid to get me in the Navy"
[15:00] <Pimeestara> 1st runner-up: "Man of Constant Sorrow", Soggy Bottom Boys.
[15:00] <Banazir> Hokay...
[15:01] <Gondhir> LOL! I like that song...
[15:01] <Pimeestara> But in the end, the winner must be.........
[15:01] <Banazir> Yeees?
[15:01] * Banazir wauts
[15:01] <Pimeestara> "Still not Black Enough", by WASP.
[15:01] <Banazir> LOL
[15:02] * Gondhir is pretty fly for a white guy...
[15:02] <Banazir> Hokay, yew win
[15:02] * Banazir is pretty fly fro a Jedi
[15:02] <Banazir> Somebuddy give me a TEUNCmusik, lpease?

(A few minutes later)
[15:09] <Gondhir> Can't touch this?
[15:10] <Banazir> Is taht acos I yam frequently a ghost?
[15:10] <Pimeestara> "I'm Farmer" by Snow?
[15:10] <Banazir> Dknot know taht one either
[15:10] <Gondhir> #There's somethin' weird#
[15:11] <Gondhir> #In Balrog Cuttings
[15:11] <Banazir> Ghostbusters?
[15:11] <Gondhir> #Who ya gonna call?#
[15:11] <Gondhir> #BANABUSTERS!"
[15:11] <Banazir> GhostTRASKers!
[15:11] * Banazir slimes Gondhir
[15:12] <Banazir> Oh, lookit, it's the Stay-Puf Sauron
[15:13] <Pimeestara> I'm thinking something Pinkfloydish...
[15:14] <Banazir> "RIng Damage"?
[15:14] <Banazir> "Wlelcome to teh Machine"?
[15:14] <Banazir> Graham's should be "Welcome to the Marines"

[15:21] * Banazir couldn't find nay goond sword swongs
[15:21] <Banazir> And bereave me I thried!
[15:21] <Gondhir> "The Highwayman"
[15:21] <Banazir> Lorenna McKennit?
[15:22] <Gondhir> #Back he spurred like a madman!#
[15:22] <Gondhir> #Shrieking a curse to the sky!#
[15:22] <Banazir> Who, me?
[15:22] <Gondhir> #With the black road smoking behind him!#
[15:22] <Gondhir> #And his rapier brandished high!#
[15:22] <Banazir> Taht sounds Amberite
[15:22] <Gondhir> That's The Highwayman...
[15:23] <Banazir> Doesn't everybuddy get killed in taht song?
[15:23] <Gondhir> #Blood red were his spurs in the golden noon!#
[15:23] <Banazir> IIRC the Highwazman ends up hung
[15:23] <Gondhir> #Wine red was his velvet coat!#
[15:23] <Gondhir> #When they shot him down on the highway!#
[15:23] <Gondhir> #Down like a dog on the highway!#
[15:24] <Gondhir> #And he lay in his blood on the highway,#
[15:24] <Banazir> Oh, taht's goond
[15:24] <Gondhir> #With a bunch of lace at his throat#
[15:24] <Banazir> Wlel, as long as he's gont a frilly shirt
[15:24] <Gondhir> His girlfriend shoots herself in the chest with a musket. A cheerfull song for lal ages, really...
[15:25] <Banazir> Ah, yes
[15:25] <Banazir> A Jereezan song
[15:25] <Banazir> How sweet!
[15:26] * Banazir changes topic to 'Deeath! Deeath! DEEATH!'

[15:51] <Gondhir> Where are you going next winter?
[15:51] <Tralala> elf stakline
[15:51] <Tralala> stalking even
[15:51] <Tralala> in Gnu Zealand
[15:51] <Banazir> "Stakline" sounds more menacing
[15:52] <Gondhir> Hmm, for some reason I read that as "stalking" but the first word as "elk"...
[15:52] <Banazir> Especially fro vamps
[15:52] <Sinister_Baritone> klil da wampri
[15:53] <Banazir> Which wampri?
[15:54] <Sinister_Baritone> naz
[15:54] <Banazir> Dknot put too much stake innit
[15:54] <Banazir> Especially if it comes to Ala's pet wampri
[15:55] * Banazir has seen more Cecily-William reincarnation fanfic than he cares to admit
[15:56] <Sinister_Baritone> hmm, pet vampires; that's odd
[15:56] <Banazir> No so much
[15:56] <Sinister_Baritone> in my cluture, vampires are msotly shoeshine boys
[15:56] <Banazir> LOL
[15:57] <Banazir> In mine, they are msotly objects of trrero
[15:57] <Banazir> But hobbits are an excitable bunch
[15:57] <Banazir> My acnestor Brandobas trasked a few vampires
[15:58] <Banazir> One of his daughters was the Slayer, didja know taht?
[15:58] <Sinister_Baritone> yah, tohse undeead tyopes are rather easily trasked
[15:58] <Gondhir> Which one?
[15:58] <Tralala> I thought she was a slapper
[15:58] <Banazir> Mirabella, ironically
[15:59] <Banazir> (Knot our Gran)
[15:59] <Banazir> Said to have been endowed with her father's formidable voice
[15:59] <Sinister_Baritone> Mirabella the Vampire Slazer; but wasn't Mirabella teh daughter of Georntius?
[16:00] <Banazir> No, that was Belladonna
[16:00] <Banazir> Bilbo's mum
[16:00] <Sinister_Baritone> yah, BUllroarer spent soem time in the Michel delving Opera, they saz
[16:00] <Sinister_Baritone> I thought she had a couple fo ssiters with Italainate names
[16:00] <Banazir> Mirabella slew the sons of Golfimbul in single (well, 1 vs. 2) combat
[16:01] <Banazir> Primula, mazbe?
[16:02] <Banazir> Bullroarer's nolder brother and nephew were Thain
[16:02] <Banazir> A lont of epople think he was the Thain, but he was the younger brother
[16:02] <Sinister_Baritone> Primula was a brandybuck
[16:02] <Banazir> Knot Frodo's mum; Bullroarer's eldest duaghter
[16:03] <Banazir> Want a Tuk family tree?
[16:03] <Banazir> It fits on just 431908403289 CDs
[16:03] <Sinister_Baritone> I got oen at home
[16:03] <Gondhir> Brandobas->Faramir
[16:03] <Banazir> You mean Pip's son?
[16:03] <Sinister_Baritone> I jsut doxx't ahve it on mke, acos I'm at the puter centre
[16:04] <Gondhir> Brandobas->Faramir son of Denethor

(Origin of TEUNCs on drungs)
[16:32] <Banazir> I have an ominosity of 6
[16:32] <Banazir> And I yam a blue unicorn liek Morwen
[16:32] <Banazir> And an otter
[16:32] <Banazir> Odd.
[16:32] <Sinister_Baritone> hmm, so that answered the queastion aboutn who you are if I'm you?
[16:33] <Banazir> Knot wreally?
[16:33] <Banazir> Acos there aren't LoTR characters
[16:33] <Banazir> And most quizzes I take say taht I yam ( 1 ) Frodo; ( 2 ) Sam; ( 3 ) Faramir
[16:34] <Banazir> I did get one "Aragorn" but taht was "What disordered LoTR personality are you?"
[16:34] <Sinister_Baritone> lollo
[16:34] <Gondhir> LOL
[16:34] <Banazir> Oh, and I got Aragorn on the "How would you kill someone?" (with a sword)
[16:34] <Sinister_Baritone> I trunned outn sauron once, another tiem I came ount as Boronmir, which is knid of cllo ...
[16:35] <Banazir> I guess it's acos of Polcrist
[16:35] * Gondhir is generally Gimli, but you lalready knew that. They seem to put a great deal of emphasis on nazthing to do with axes or beards...
[16:35] <Banazir> Boronmir?
[16:35] <Banazir> Is he a noble gas?
[16:35] <Sinister_Baritone> borhter of Argonmir and Kryptonmir
[16:35] <Banazir> The Stewards' gas?
[16:35] <Gondhir> A noble gas but very explosive.
[16:35] * Banazir changes topic to 'TEUNCs on Helium, whee!'
[16:39] <Banazir> What business does a hobbit, a rog, and a dwarf have in caht?
[16:39] <Banazir> SPINK QVICKLY!
[16:39] <Banazir> we-trax-a-band-of-wuruwai-westward-acrost-teh-plain
[16:40] <Sean> and a duck
[16:40] <Banazir> <helium>they've-taken-two-of-our-fwends-captive</helium>

(TEUNC Constitutional Law)
[16:37] <Sinister_Baritone> mazbe I'll write one somtime, wjhen I can be btoehered
[16:37] <Sinister_Baritone> hmm, knot sure
[16:37] <Banazir> Taht's unconstitutional!
[16:37] <Banazir> We CAN'T be bothered!
[16:37] <Sinister_Baritone> once I got Sauron on tht; I'm knto sure if I got Rog
[16:38] <Sinister_Baritone> indeend, you ahve a p^int, Zir (lol)
[16:38] <Banazir> "Bother", said Pooh. "I can't be bothered."
[16:38] <Sinister_Baritone> lol

[17:06] * Sinister_Baritone changes topic to ''TEUNCs on Helium, whee!' (Banazir) On opium, more like it ...'
[17:10] * Sinister_Baritone is now known as Rog_Pusher
[17:10] * Sean pushes the Rog_Pusher
[17:11] <Rog_Pusher> have sum extasy, doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
[17:11] * Sean whacks the rog_pusher
[17:11] * Sean steals the drooogs
[17:13] <Rog_Pusher> ooh you in trouble nbow dood
[17:13] <Rog_Pusher> time for a Rog Pusher shoootunt!
[17:14] * Rog_Pusher gets his firegun ready
[17:14] * Sean gets his fire_extinguisher ready
[17:15] * Rog_Pusher gets his raincoat ready
[17:15] * Sean gets his cigar ready
[17:16] * Rog_Pusher gets his pipe ready
[17:16] * Sean gets his wellies ready
[17:16] * Rog_Pusher brandishes his umbrella
[17:17] * Sean gets his mac out
[17:18] * Rog_Pusher crouches behind his PC
[17:18] * Sean runs with his laptop
[17:20] * Rog_Pusher 1,4BRUNS laptops
[17:20] <Sean> eeek
[17:22] <Rog_Pusher> 4,1bwahahahahahahahahahaahahah
[17:23] * Sean uses fire extinguisher on rog
[17:23] * Rog_Pusher defends himelf with his umbrella
[17:24] * Sean uses cigar on umbrella
[17:25] * Gondhir wavers back.
[17:25] * Rog_Pusher bruns cigar and smells of El Producto; gag
[17:25] * Sean accidentally bruns Gonshir
[17:26] * Rog_Pusher washes the cigar fof in lava
[17:27] <Gondhir> Hay!
[17:27] * Gondhir slips into his asbestos jumpsuit and bell helmet...

[17:47] <Banazir> What was with the drungs?
[17:48] <Alatar> drugs?
[17:48] <Rog_Pusher> drungs aboutn sums it up
[17:48] <Rog_Pusher> the chat was on opium
[17:49] <Gondhir> I think it started with Boronmir and bounced around the periodic table of elements 'til it got stuck on helium...
[17:49] <Banazir> Aha
[17:50] <Rog_Pusher> Blame Zir

[18:17] * Denise has joined #teunc
[18:17] <Denise> hello all!
[18:19] <Denise> "TEUNCs on Helium"? are we singing?
[18:20] <Gondhir> Awww... Hobbitlings...
[18:20] <Denise> # ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch, the wicked witch...
[18:20] <Denise> not sure i can do a helium voice w/o helium... i think my voice would just break...

[18:36] <Rog_Pusher> I think i lost my sexual appetite just now
[18:37] <Banazir> Sexual appetite, Count?
[18:37] <Banazir> Is taht where rogs eat the ~s of hmunsas?
[18:39] <Rog_Pusher> sexual appettite is when Rogs want to BRUn each other
[18:41] <Rog_Pusher> trask, zarogjelo knot in hjere; hold on
[18:41] <macaire> It's a tyope!
[18:41] <macaire> It can't be.
[18:41] <macaire> See, zagorjelo means brunt as in overbaked
[18:41] <Rog_Pusher> no form sans za- either
[18:41] <macaire> but zaROGjelo is even better

[18:45] <macaire> I know, Cro has awful unpredictable plurals
[18:46] <Banazir> Chonese has none!
[18:46] <Banazir> Vert pwedictable, nesupasu?
[18:46] <Banazir> Lo lumber, lah
[18:46] * Gondhir is just glazing his eyes over right now, Nikki, don't worry...
[18:46] <Banazir> Lo tense, lah
[18:47] * Banazir glazes his eyes with a nice apricot syrup
[18:47] * chrisiant likes apricots. But doesn't want to eat dessert that watches her..

[18:50] <macaire> Molitva suprotiva Turkom, which I THINK translates as "An adversary's praver to the Turk"
[18:50] <macaire> prayer even
[18:50] <Banazir> Praver is cllo
[18:51] <Banazir> It's wot yew utter when yew are sitting on lava
[18:51] <Banazir> And the lava is slowly creeping up
[18:51] <Banazir> Pray Prav
[18:52] <Banazir> See?

[18:53] <Banazir> Divinatory Bones!
[18:53] <Banazir> # Dem bones dem bones dem BRUNT bones #
[18:53] <macaire> lollo Bill
[18:54] * chrisiant makes faces at Bana.

(Helm Grammarhand is born)
[19:00] <Gondhir> Wow. My mom would hate you, Denise. ;)
[19:00] <macaire> I notice many English speakers use its / it's wrong.
[19:00] <macaire> Many TEUNCs too. Strange.
[19:00] <Denise> nahhhh.... i'm sweetness and innocence and goodness and light, remember?
[19:00] * Denise looks very very very innocent
[19:01] <Rog_Pusher> sinteresting
[19:01] <Gondhir> Every time she has me read any of her stuff I can't help but point out the grammatical problems with it...
[19:01] * macaire gives Denise the Innocence 2003 Award
[19:01] <Rog_Pusher> this isn't ancient like my "Yugoslav Phraseboonk" which is incredibly quaint
[19:02] <Rog_Pusher> though knot as qauint as my THai phraseboonk
[19:02] <Rog_Pusher> I frequnelty dp the they're their thing in chat, I'm embarrassed to admit

(Prelude to Nerdanelism)
[19:04] <macaire> kosa hair, kosa scythe, kosa slope. Not kidding.
[19:04] <Banazir> Kosa nostra?
[19:04] <chrisiant> Slope ours?
[19:05] <Banazir> "Our scythe"
[19:05] <chrisiant> "Our hair" too, then.
[19:05] <Banazir> Siamese elves?
[19:05] <Denise> yes, nikki. the rog is being very scary and is learning cro in caht. under our very noses....
[19:05] <Banazir> Conjoined Elladan and Elrohir?
[19:05] <chrisiant> Taht can't be goond..
[19:05] <Rog_Pusher> this is nothing
[19:05] <Banazir> It would explain a lont
[19:05] <macaire> "kosa nosa" would be moderately funny, meaning "hair of the nose"
[19:06] <Rog_Pusher> I've learnt scarier Cro than this before
[19:06] <Banazir> Kosa nosa!
[19:06] <chrisiant> Ew.
[19:06] <chrisiant> Both ew.
[19:06] <macaire> but kosa means only the hair you have on your head.
[19:06] <Banazir> Scythe of Teh Nose
[19:06] <Rog_Pusher> nasal Mafia
[19:06] <Banazir> It's waht Uruk-Hai cosmetic surgeons use

(... and they saz nothing interesting happens in caht?)
[19:06] <Denise> yeah, that drkati stuff....
[19:06] <Denise> or whatever it was that had you running for cover....
[19:06] <macaire> drkati = to masturbate (men)
[19:06] <Banazir> It's gender specific?
[19:07] <chrisiant> Tildy, yet stwange.
[19:07] <Banazir> Cllo
[19:07] * Denise looks slightly repentant for referring to it...
[19:07] <Rog_Pusher> what's the word for women?
[19:07] <macaire> Yes. Because it implies an action you cannot perform with your vagina, if you'll excuse me.
[19:07] <Banazir> I gnu it would be just a matter of time afore teh ROg axed
[19:07] <Banazir> (Inappropriate curiousity abont mlorat ~)
[19:07] <chrisiant> I guess that means that women don't have any other parts?
[19:08] <Banazir> (Wroks boze wazs)
[19:08] <Rog_Pusher> very appropriate
[19:08] <Rog_Pusher> wlokaz, mazbe knot
[19:08] <macaire> What? No, but can you say that a woman is "jerking off"?
[19:08] <Rog_Pusher> no, but we can saz "woman mastubrates"
[19:08] <Denise> no, at least, not herself...
[19:08] <Banazir> Waht abont actions one can perform with one's external genitalia (femaul)
[19:08] <macaire> Yes. Masturbirati is the word for women
[19:09] <Gondhir> And a woman could be "jerking off", just not herself...
[19:09] <Banazir> Acksherly, fnuny thing is that in Engrish taht term IS used fro femauls
[19:09] <macaire> There is no 'local' word
[19:09] <Denise> said that, graham!
[19:09] <Banazir> Gret minds think aliek?
[19:09] <Rog_Pusher> in Itlain "fare il ditalino" is specific to women, but can be the guy doign to the womna
[19:09] <macaire> *g*
[19:09] <macaire> sure, getting digital
[19:09] <Rog_Pusher> lollo
[19:09] <Banazir> As supposed to analog?
[19:09] <Denise> banazir - you've heard of females jerking themselves off?
[19:09] <chrisiant> broadband
(This reminds me, I still owe Hashberry a tape of Williams communication "bandwidth" commercial reels from 2000!)

[19:09] * Denise boggles
[19:10] <Banazir> Vert colloquially, Denise
[19:10] <Rog_Pusher> hmm, I'm knot sure
[19:10] <Denise> p'raps in kansas....
[19:10] <Alatar> I'd probably jerk myself off if I wasn't lalready wanking
[19:11] <Alatar> umm... thats didn't come out right, did it?
[19:11] <Denise> no, it didn't, tralala!
[19:12] <Banazir> The reference, knot teh mastrubbation proper
[19:12] <macaire> lollo
(Hrm. *ponder* -[TSC] "Proper" prolly wasn't the wright word there. [TSC]-)

(Nothing gets the etymological juices fl-[TSC] er [TSC]-)
[19:10] <Denise> either that, or i've led a *very* sheltered life!
[19:10] <Rog_Pusher> I think there's soem expression for woemen, but forget waht
[19:10] * chrisiant huggles Denise.
[19:11] <macaire> What Imeant to say is! that drkati indeed means to play with oneself, but it applies to penises. You have no 'local' word for female fun, only the boring masturbirati
[19:11] <chrisiant> I do knot think so.
[19:11] <Rog_Pusher> we msut invent wa word, then
[19:11] <Alatar> vocabularily speaking
[19:11] <macaire> I say cackati, but that means many things
[19:11] <macaire> cackati means to poke around/mess with/whatever
[19:12] <macaire> (Rog - more accurately c"ac"kati)
[19:12] <Rog_Pusher> zðrvz"nati
[19:12] <Banazir> The reference, knot teh mastrubbation proper
[19:12] <macaire> lollo
[19:13] <Rog_Pusher> that's the gmu wrod for feamle w#nking
[19:13] <macaire> that sounds lke "to get rusty", Rog!
[19:13] <macaire> (zarðati)
[19:13] <macaire> (or zahrðati)
[19:13] <Rog_Pusher> they saz if you do ti too much, thsat's what ahppens
[19:13] <Denise> how's about the negative - getting rid of the rust....
[19:13] <macaire> I see.
[19:13] <Banazir> -[TSC] I dknot know naything abont femaul mastrubation in KS [TSC]-
[19:14] * Denise looks suspiciously at the hobbit
[19:14] <Gondhir> Isn't it against the law there or something, Ban?
[19:14] <Denise> a guilty conscience needs no accuser, banny!
[19:14] <Rog_Pusher> in the Shire, all sex is illegal
[19:14] <macaire> getting rid of the rust? hmmmm...
[19:14] <macaire> las"titi = to polish...
[19:14] <Rog_Pusher> hrða
[19:14] <macaire> (sounds more applicable to men, this one)
[19:15] <macaire> yes, hrða is rust
[19:15] <Rog_Pusher> this boonk doesn't have much tilde lingo
[19:15] <macaire> perhaps a literal de-rusting would be othrðati
[19:15] <macaire> the word doesn't exist, but it's gramatically valid
[19:16] <Rog_Pusher> it does now
[19:16] <macaire> :D
[19:17] <macaire> Is Kansas a snowball haven?

(MOM arrives... the tildiness subsides...)
[19:18] * LaurieF has joined #teunc
[19:18] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LaurieF
[19:18] <chrisiant> Hi, Mom!!!
[19:18] <Rog_Pusher> hello!!!!!!!!!! MOM!!!!
[19:19] <Rog_Pusher> we were bieng innoicent!!
[19:19] <Gondhir> MOM.
[19:19] <LaurieF> Hey, sweetiepies!
[19:19] <LaurieF> Ha!
[19:19] <Gondhir> RRRrrrrrright.....
[19:20] <Denise> MOM!
[19:20] <LaurieF> Denise!
[19:20] <Alatar> MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:20] * Denise huggles MOM

(Oblivious, nesupasu?)
[19:28] <Banazir> Bax
[19:28] <Banazir> MOM!
[19:28] <Banazir> Hi, MOM
[19:29] <Banazir> How are you, MOM?
[19:30] <Banazir> We're no longer talking abont femaul mastrubation?
[19:30] <macaire> LOLLO
[19:30] <macaire> You can come out now, Bill.
[19:30] <Gondhir> Banazir's lal disapointed...
[19:30] <Banazir> What? Was on teh phone!
[19:30] <macaire> It's safe.
[19:30] <LaurieF> I am very well, thank you!
[19:30] <chrisiant> Tahnk Ghod that's over.
[19:31] <macaire> Female masturbation is one of our pet topics.
[19:31] <Denise> well, you left, bill. and the conversation drifted...
[19:32] <Denise> asides, there is none in kansas....
[19:32] <Banazir> As far as I know
[19:32] <Banazir> Which is to say, yew never can tell
[19:32] <Banazir> And to amser your queastion, Hax - yes, KS is a snowball haven
[19:33] <macaire> How do you know, Bill?
[19:33] <Gondhir> Sex is illegal in KS.
[19:33] <Banazir>
[19:34] <Banazir> Denise - the subject drifted AWAY from FM?
[19:34] <Gondhir> With the advent of artificial insemination, there's no need for them to sully themselves naz more...
[19:34] <chrisiant> If tehy were, tehy woludn't have *time* to get out and catch SARS..
[19:34] <Denise> yah
[19:34] <Banazir> This is knot the TEUNC I once knew and feared
[19:34] <LaurieF> Graham -- what have you done to your vocabulary??
[19:35] <LaurieF> It's BIG!
[19:35] <Banazir> Did you take some of those Vocabulary Enlargment pills, Graham?
[19:35] <Gondhir> LOL. I've lalways had a big vocabulary. Go back and read some of my nold AFT/RABT psots. :P

(And we move on to... spam!)
[19:35] <LaurieF> The only spam I get is to enlarge your penis.
[19:35] <LaurieF> Well, not YOURS.
[19:35] * Denise huggles the poor confused jedi hobbit computer geek
[19:35] <LaurieF> But you know what I mean.
[19:35] <Banazir> LOLOL
[19:35] * chrisiant gets it too.
[19:36] <chrisiant> (wait. That didn't come out right)
[19:36] <Banazir> LOL, Nikki
[19:36] <Banazir> THAT is the TEUNC I knew and feared

(Now doth TEUNC... magnify)
[19:36] <macaire> I always get the Jereeza Enlarge your penis spam. I'm VERY HAPPY with the size of my penis, thank you very much!
[19:37] <LaurieF> Yes, I'm OK with mine, too.
[19:37] <Banazir> And me with the size of my breasts
[19:37] <Banazir> Thank you vert munch
[19:37] <LaurieF> I just forward it all to my brother.
[19:37] <chrisiant> does anybody else get the spy on your boyfriend spam?
[19:37] <LaurieF> Hmmm... no.
[19:37] <Banazir> No, they seem to know I'm male
[19:37] <Banazir> But I still get the breast enlargment ones
[19:37] <LaurieF> I get ... let's see...
[19:38] <LaurieF> .. mortgage offers.
[19:38] <Banazir> Wrok at home
[19:38] <Banazir> U. of Pheonix online
[19:38] <LaurieF> computer crap..
[19:38] <Banazir> Nigerian HELP ME LPEASE
[19:38] <LaurieF> I've only gotten that once.
[19:38] <macaire> Mr. AKIMBO
[19:38] <Banazir> Pr0n
[19:38] <LaurieF> LOL
[19:38] <Denise> i don't get breast enlargement offers - do you think they *know*?
[19:38] <Banazir> "Increase your vocab by 300%"
[19:38] <Gor_the_Rog> I get the usual crud, no breast enlargment, though
[19:39] <Banazir> No, Denise, I think it's acos yew dknot clict on nay of the spam
[19:39] <macaire> I get no breast enlargement either. But I get big nuts!
[19:39] * macaire uses Eudora
[19:39] <Banazir> One accidental clicky or even an unsub and they know my e-maul wroks
[19:39] <Gor_the_Rog> lonts of enlarge penis, teens making ount, refiannce, wrok form home, blah blah bklha blhablha blkah bklha blah blah bha bkah blkah bah balha lbah
[19:41] <Banazir> Oh, I liek the ones that go "Why did you DO that?"
[19:41] <Gor_the_Rog> yah
[19:41] <Gondhir> "My friend sent me your pic!"
[19:41] <Banazir> "Why did you remove me from your ICQ?"
[19:41] <Gor_the_Rog> my favorite was "Die ist die Rache!"
[19:41] <Banazir> Eh?
[19:41] <Banazir> Which means?
[19:41] <Gor_the_Rog> soem German female claiming she had incriminating photos
[19:41] <Gor_the_Rog> "This is the Revenge!"

(Now comes the Middle-earth spam...)
[19:42] <Banazir> I got one that read "Asian girls rapped by tentacles"
[19:42] <macaire> yeah, those
[19:42] <Banazir> RAPPED, mind yew
[19:42] <Gondhir> LOL
[19:42] <Gor_the_Rog> I get that a lont; I'm like, what the BLAZES??
[19:42] <Banazir> I was just abont to start a rescure mission when I realized it was pr0n
[19:43] <Banazir> Wrapping with tentacles is vert common in my line of wrok
[19:43] <Gor_the_Rog> rap is dsgusitng enough when it DOESN'T involve tentacles
[19:43] * Banazir slices tentacles with Polcrist
[19:45] <Banazir> I want to rap with a female sheep
[19:45] * Banazir is now known as Bana-Z
[19:45] <Bana-Z> Yo, yo!
[19:45] <Bana-Z> 'SUP?
[19:46] <Bana-Z> Fill my inbox with-at Nigerian spam
[19:46] <Bana-Z> Don't they know I nevah give a damn
[19:47] <Bana-Z> 'Bout those growth hor-mones and traskin' weight loss drugs
[19:48] <Bana-Z> And those A-V-Is of French girls with bugs
[19:48] <Gondhir> Bugs?
[19:48] <Gor_the_Rog> girls and bugs, hmm, that even beats the sheep
[19:48] <Gondhir> Like... insects?
[19:48] <Bana-Z> (rapping by tentacle, Graham)
[19:48] <macaire> Oooooough!
[19:49] <Bana-Z> "I have rapped by giant spider"
[19:49] <Gor_the_Rog> Sam ddi that to Shelob
[19:49] <Bana-Z> "I have drowned by squid!"
[19:49] <chrisiant> On teh frist date??
[19:50] <Denise> tacky....
[19:50] <Bana-Z> "I have burned by demon of fire!"
[19:50] <macaire> LOLOL
[19:50] <Gor_the_Rog> their first meeting, he penetrated her; one scholar catuallz saud that
[19:50] <Gor_the_Rog> ho got brunned by me?
[19:50] <Bana-Z> "I have fallen into freezing water and send back NAKED"
[19:50] <macaire> Bana, bana!
[19:50] <Bana-Z> (Terry Han's attempt at erotica?)
[19:50] <macaire> LOLLO, you must create faux accounts and send these to AFTers

[19:50] <Gondhir> "Beautiful Russian Treasures!"
[19:50] <Bana-Z> Oh, yes!
[19:51] <Gondhir> Meaning Russian women, of curse...
[19:51] <Bana-Z> "SIZZLING Russian women"
[19:51] <macaire> I'd lke a Beautiful Russian Treasury.
[19:51] <Bana-Z> This right after I posted "Fry me to the moon"
[19:51] <Bana-Z> Woohoo!
[19:51] <Gor_the_Rog> I'll sizzle Russian women, if they loonk nazthig like thos incredibly gorgeous Polsih women, oh my G
[19:51] <Denise> dang - and here i am, with mostly northern yurpian ancestry....

(<b>Guarantees</b>... I guess garontees are goond. I garontee yew will get scpammed?)
[19:51] <Gondhir> "PhD and MBA Guaranteed!"
[19:51] <Bana-Z> MLS guaranteed!
[19:51] <Gondhir> "Congratulations! You qualify for a diploma!"
[19:51] <LaurieF> Are we still on unsolicited e-mail?
[19:52] <Denise> i think so...
[19:52] <Bana-Z> "hsuwh, do you need your B.S. in 3 weeks?"
[19:52] <LaurieF> Yay!
[19:52] <Bana-Z> LOL, MOM
[19:52] <LaurieF> Of course you say "Yes!"
[19:52] * Bana-Z is now known as Banazir
[19:52] <Banazir> Yes, of curse
[19:52] <Banazir> I need my BS in 3 eeks
[19:53] <Gondhir> We can assist with Diplomas from prestigious non-accredited universities based on your present knowledge and life experience.

(Wait, it gets worse...)
[19:53] <Banazir> "I have penetrated by Dark Lord's spear and sucked dry by giant spider of darkness!"
[19:53] <LaurieF> I have all those ones where you can't figure out what they're selling, too.
[19:53] <Banazir> (From: Telperion)
[19:53] * Denise finds herself oddly aroused....
[19:53] <LaurieF> "Thought you'd like to know.." "Just for you.." "Here's the info you requested.."
[19:53] <Gor_the_Rog> oogh, Zir, that one's kinky!!
[19:54] <Banazir> It's the truth, though
[19:54] <LaurieF> Bill -- arachophilia?
[19:54] <Banazir> Knot me, MOM! Sauron, mazbe

[19:53] <chrisiant> Who is Terry Han?
[19:53] * chrisiant blushes
[19:53] <macaire> Oh my, Nikki, the things you're missing!
[19:54] <chrisiant> So far, Spam and Terry Han. But I don't know who Terry Han is.
[19:54] <Gor_the_Rog> TRerru Han
[19:54] <Gor_the_Rog> do a search in aft
[19:54] <macaire> Somebody explain Terry Han!
[19:54] <Denise> nikki - terry han is an AFT poster who has a really strange style of writing.
[19:54] <Gor_the_Rog> Terry Han is a very funny kindasorta but knot really "troll"
[19:55] <Denise> like he runs everything through a bad translator - like babelfish.
[19:55] <Gor_the_Rog> he has a websitre, too; what's the url agian?
[19:55] <Banazir>
[19:56] <macaire> It is quite unique. If it's faked, whoever is faking must be concentrating really hard to create such strange grammar.
[19:56] <Gor_the_Rog> oh, and he has art, ICNREDIBLY funny!
[19:56] * Banazir realize he got, that very QUICK , may be TOO QUICK
[19:57] * Banazir wonder whether TEUNC come this house ,say KNOCK KNOCK Bana we know you Han ! Hahaha
[19:57] * macaire is loving Bill tonight - you're inspired!
[19:57] * Banazir bows
[19:58] <Denise> nikki - if you go to google groups and search for terry han dvd problems, you'll find one of his postings

[19:59] <Banazir> [AR][CF] Mock them knot!
[19:59] <Banazir> AR == anar retentive
[19:59] <Banazir> CF = contwol fweak, lah
[19:59] <LaurieF> Bill - you mean "anar lententive"
[20:00] <Banazir> LOLOL
[20:00] <Banazir> Lententive?
[20:00] <macaire> lollo
[20:00] * Banazir gave up laxatives fro Lent
[20:00] * Banazir is vert lententive
[20:00] <Denise> banny, tmi...
[20:00] <macaire> For lent I shall lestlain myserf flom anar.
[20:00] <LaurieF> Whoa!
[20:00] <Denise> hashie - WTMI!
[20:00] <Banazir> Whoa.
[20:00] <LaurieF> You'rr give it arr up for rent?
[20:00] <Banazir> Hit me.
[20:01] <macaire> Ma'am.
[20:01] <Banazir> EXcellent!
[20:01] <Banazir> Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
[20:01] * LaurieF slaps Banazir around a bit with a large trout
[20:01] <Banazir> Woah, bogus.
[20:01] <LaurieF> And the smelts are running, too, so don't piss me off!
[20:01] * Gondhir ties Ban to the bottom of a speeding bus...

(And we're orf!)
[20:01] * Banazir runs with the smelts in Pamplona
[20:02] <chrisiant> LOLOL!
[20:02] * LaurieF watches him get severely gored.
[20:02] * Banazir shows orf his white teeth while thinking up some colorful curses
[20:02] <chrisiant> Oh..ow..
[20:02] <Banazir> Aw, trask *ME*!
[20:02] <LaurieF> And who CAN'T use a new orifice or two?
[20:02] <chrisiant> The agony of the feets.
[20:02] <macaire> Toast you!
[20:02] * Banazir has vert tough feet
[20:02] <chrisiant> Grillez-moi?

[20:09] <Gondhir>
[20:09] <macaire> Oh! That!
[20:09] * Banazir gilds Graham in mithril
[20:09] <Gondhir> For the third time! :P
[20:09] <Banazir> That will make you more memorable
[20:09] * LaurieF joins the Mitril Guild
[20:09] <chrisiant> Now he loonks liek teh rhubarb..
[20:10] * Banazir notices that Mac has pixed up his glodfish-liek memory!

[20:12] * Banazir changes topic to 'Lal this huggling and me with no blue whale'
[20:12] * chrisiant huggles Bana. Acos he haxx no blue whale.
[20:12] * Denise offers banny a beanie baby whale...
[20:12] * Banazir thanks Nikki and Denise
[20:13] * Banazir only needs a Neskimo now
[20:13] <Denise> oohhh banny the beanie baby!
[20:13] <macaire> "The captain wants to find the whale and cut its leg off, cos that's what it did to him."
[20:13] <Banazir> LOLOL
[20:13] <Gondhir> LOL
[20:13] <chrisiant> Banny the blue beany baby..
[20:13] <Tralala> LOL
[20:13] <Banazir> "This is the REVENGE!"
[20:13] <chrisiant> LOL
[20:13] <chrisiant> Die die Rache!
[20:13] <Denise> widdle bwoo hobbitty beanie baby!
[20:14] <Denise> very qyoot and cuddly!
[20:14] <chrisiant> ickle bwoo Jedi beany baby..

[20:14] <Gondhir> Well, *some* whales have vestigial leg bones buried in their bodies. They don't stick out, but if you cut one up you'll find them. They're not even attached to what's left of the hips...
[20:14] <macaire> I love knowitalls. >:)
[20:14] <Gondhir> They're just kinda... floating in the flesh.
[20:14] <Denise> which type of whales?

(Just <b>thry</b> to forget this!)
[20:16] * Banazir notes that "Ying Tong Iddle I Po" has the same number of syllables as "Walk Like An Egyptian"
[20:16] * Denise wonders if banazir had a crush on susanna hoffs....
[20:17] <Banazir> - I was liek 12

[21:20] <LaurieF> Bill - just between the two of us, were your parents scared of your internet friends?
[21:21] <Banazir> Just between the two of us with teh Dwagin and Dwarf wright here, MOM? #-)
[21:21] <LaurieF> LOLOL
[21:21] <LaurieF> You're pretty quick!
[21:23] <Denise> actually, that's an interesting question, banazir - how strange did your parents think we were?
[21:23] <Banazir> I wouldn't saz they were scared - SWWAE gont along gret with LC
[21:23] <LaurieF> Well, you know what they say about those folks from Illinois.
[21:23] <Banazir> She didn't think yew were stwange!

[21:20] * Denise pwomises not to flame or chomp the dwarf
[21:20] * Denise hopes she will be allowed a nibble or two, however...
[21:21] <LaurieF> Denise - I'm telling Pag!
[21:21] <Denise> so? he, he, he left me alooooone! *sob*
[21:21] <LaurieF> Well... what if he's just busy?
[21:21] <Gondhir> Awww... are you on the rebound?
[21:21] <Denise> He suaved me, and then he abandoned me. the cad!
[21:21] <LaurieF> It's true.
[21:21] <LaurieF> I saw it.
[21:22] <Denise> i could be!
[21:22] <LaurieF> "That's OK, that's all right, get those rebounds and fight, fight, fight!"
[21:22] <Banazir> Lurve 'em and leif 'em
[21:22] <Banazir> Taht's our Pag
[21:22] <Banazir> Sknot fair. *tuop*
[21:23] <Gondhir> MOM was a cheerleader in high school, weren't you, MOM?

(TEUNC: Exodus - I was AFK)
[20:29] * chrisiant has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:30] * Tralala has quit IRC (Quit: I've got an ole in me pocket)
[20:30] <Gondhir> Who else is leaving?!?!
[20:30] <LaurieF> Everyone is leaving!
[20:30] <LaurieF> EVERYONE!
[20:30] <LaurieF> BEAT IT!
[20:30] * macaire has quit IRC (Quit: Oh my goodness! Ohh my GOODNESS!)
[20:30] * Denise has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:30] <LaurieF> LOL
[20:30] <Gondhir> *snif*
[20:30] <LaurieF> Wait until Bill finds out about this.
[20:30] <LaurieF> Awww.

(Denise thries <b>wreally</b> hard to find out the Dwarf's height)
[20:57] <Gondhir> I *told* you! Physically, I am the anti-Dwarf.
[20:58] <Gondhir> Imagine a Dwarf.
[20:58] <Gondhir> Now imagine the opposite.
[21:02] <Denise> does gwammypoo wememboo if he is taller than 6'3"?
[21:05] <Denise> so, graham, you're somewhere over 6' but under 6'3"?

(MOM in 2004!)
[21:28] * Banazir can just imagine MOM as a federal election official
[21:28] * Banazir deines "BRUNNING chad"
[21:29] * Banazir changes topic to 'M-e TV's "Rog The Vote 2004"'
[21:29] <Gondhir> Senator MOM?
[21:29] <LaurieF> LOL
[21:30] <LaurieF> Eek!
[21:30] <Banazir> I'd be much too fwightened to tease a Senator^H^H^H^H^H^H^HMOM
[21:30] <Gondhir> The Honorable MOM?
[21:30] <LaurieF> But of course!
[21:30] <Gondhir> *President* MOM?!?!?!
[21:30] <Denise> eekser!
[21:30] <Banazir> She'd have MY vote
[21:31] * Banazir changes topic to 'MOM fro Pwesident'

(TEUNC gets Biblical... again!)
[21:42] <LaurieF> I think they should teach Creationism in spelling and leave science alone.
[21:42] <Gondhir> In spelling?
[21:42] <LaurieF> Sure
[21:42] <LaurieF> An alternate way to look at words
[21:42] <Gondhir> C-R-E-A-T-I-O-N
[21:43] * Banazir can't spell creationims
[21:43] <LaurieF> K-R-E-A-Y-S-H-U-N
[21:43] * Gondhir can't spell "gondhir".
[21:43] <Gondhir> I'm so ashamed...
[21:43] <LaurieF> It's not your fault, honey.
[21:43] <LaurieF> Society is to blame.
[21:43] * Banazir changes topic to 'And on the sventh daz, Tyope wrested'
[21:44] <Gondhir> They are.
[21:44] <Gondhir> What did she wrest?
[21:44] <Banazir> Herelf
[21:44] <LaurieF> Grammar
[21:44] <Gondhir> Kinky...
[21:44] <Banazir> Memember Jacob and the Balrog?
[21:44] <LaurieF> Helm Grammarhand
[21:44] <Banazir> LOL
[21:45] <Gondhir> David and the Olog?
[21:45] * Banazir changes topic to 'Helm Grammarhand and Dunlending High'
[21:45] <LaurieF> Go, team!
[21:45] <Gondhir> There goes MOM again...

(MOM's sex advice to Drawf and Hoppit elided)

More caht highlights coming soon!
Um, lemme -[TSC] rephrase that [TSC]- lpease.

I'm operating on just under 3 huors' sleep in the last 36. Whee!
I don't do this very much (in fact I think I can count fewer than a dozen times I've slept fewer than 3 huors), but it seems to be working...
The REU computational biology intro and my afternoon lecture and lab went all right. Most of my incoherence seems to be limited to one-on-one conversations with epople, though I have been forgetting names of students. Oddly enough, I recognized all the students I hadn't been introduced to.

You are a blue unicorn!

What Completely Random Object Are You?
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What Is Your Animal Personality?

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I am not a type of music
You're nothing, really. But you're nice.

What type of music are you?
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